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If you have been asked to serve as a reference for a PROS candidate, you can review the position description or download a reference form.
The Peer Referral and Orientation Staff (PROS) are a diverse group of students who know firsthand what it is like to deal with the concerns of Rowan University students. The PROS assist their peers in transitioning to Rowan and resolving any general adjustment problems that may arise in the process. They serve as excellent resources on campus organizations, academic exploration, and campus life. The PROS serve as orientation leaders and peer mentors, providing advice and referrals to various campus departments as needed after orientation.

The PROS program was founded in the spring of 1984 with the idea that a student often feels more comfortable speaking with peers about transition issues rather than parents, faculty, or staff members. Always, the PROS have demonstrated a tradition of open, caring, and friendly help through active listening, assertiveness, multicultural awareness, and strong referral skills. Throughout the school year, the PROS members use their training to continue the orientation process through individual & group discussions and campus involvement.

About the PROS

“Students helping students” are the watchwords for a special group of Rowan students known as the PROS (Peer Referral and Orientation Staff) who have been selected and trained to offer educational services to their peers. The PROS will be on hand to offer their expertise during Orientation and Welcome Week.

These services are intentionally designed to assist in the adjustment, satisfaction and persistence of students toward attainment of their educational goals. The PROS, performing in paraprofessional roles, are supervised by qualified professionals and compensated for their services.

PROS work primarily in the area of personal and social concerns, assisting students in their general adjustment to the college community. The role of the PROS is not to solve people’s problems for them, but rather to assist them in finding their own solutions. They act as resource persons to direct their fellow students to on-campus resources, facilities, and professionals appropriate to their needs.

These students are enthusiastic about attending Rowan and they hope you will feel the same way. The PROS want students and parents to get personal attention, become familiar with the campus and have a pleasurable and rewarding experience at Rowan. That’s why they come back to the campus during summer break to assist with orientation.

Meet the PROS

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About the PROS

Why should I join the PROS?
Peer Referral and Orientation Staff (PROS) will benefit from not only learning how to better help others, but also by gaining new insights into themselves and their relationships with peers. The PROS will gain valuable experience to further their career development, increase their feelings of self-worth and confidence, and receive additional knowledge of and contact with key persons on campus.

What does it take to become one of the PROS?
PROS need communication & leadership skills, the ability to work well as part of a group, and the time necessary to participate fully in training and orientation responsibilities. Applicants must not have any outstanding student conduct sanctions and overall be a good role model to other students academically and personally. Successful candidates complete an application, participate in a group interview process to see how well you work with others, and then an individual interview with Student Life staff and current PROS so we can learn more about what you would contribute to our team.

What kind of training will I need to become a PROS member?
Students selected to join the PROS are required to attend a weekend training retreat and six weekly training sessions during the spring semester. Training pertains to understanding the student helper’s role, student development theory, basic facilitation skill development, active listening, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, and the use of campus resources and referral techniques.

Can I take a summer class?
Due to the longer meeting times of summer term courses, it is unlikely that you could enroll in a traditional summer term course and be available enough to successfully fulfill your PROS responsibilities. In the past, PROS have completed on-line or weekend courses successfully. Any enrollment in summer term courses is subject to advance supervisor approval.

Will I have student or parent orientation groups?
All PROS are expected to work with both the student and parent & family orientation programs. Each session, PROS are scheduled to work with a student or parent & family orientation group, or assist with administrative tasks. PROS assignments vary from session to session throughout the summer. You will gain valuable experience working with a variety of new student and adult populations, including family members, freshmen, transfer students, and university faculty & staff.

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