Orientation and Student Leadership Programs


About the PROS

PROS 2014

“Students helping students” are the watchwords for a special group of Rowan students known as the PROS (Peer Referral and Orientation Staff) who have been selected and trained to offer educational services to their peers. The PROS will be on hand to offer their expertise during Orientation and Welcome Week.

These services are intentionally designed to assist in the adjustment, satisfaction and persistence of students toward attainment of their educational goals. The PROS, performing in paraprofessional roles, are supervised by qualified professionals and compensated for their services.

PROS work primarily in the area of personal and social concerns, assisting students in their general adjustment to the college community. The role of the PROS is not to solve people’s problems for them, but rather to assist them in finding their own solutions. They act as resource persons to direct their fellow students to on-campus resources, facilities, and professionals appropriate to their needs.

These students are enthusiastic about attending Rowan and they hope you will feel the same way. The PROS want students and parents to get personal attention, become familiar with the campus and have a pleasurable and rewarding experience at Rowan. That’s why they come back to the campus during summer break to assist with orientation.

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