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2013-2014 Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers are responsible for training individuals one on one providing them with a proper program design to meet their goals/medical needs. They will create a program design to meet all 6 components of program design. Through a session a MicroFit fitness assessment will be given. All trainers are nationally certified.

Addie Bydalek
Monique Easley
Sophomore, Athletic Training
M.A. Organizational Leadership
I am from a small town in New Jersey where I live with my family on a working hay and llama farm. I am an Athletic Training student at Rowan University whose goal is to inspire and impact lives of the physically active in a positive and healthy way. Seeking inner balance, my colleagues, a client's dedication to transformations all motivate and inspire me. During my training sessions I will invite you to discover your inner needs, and together we will create your personal training journey. Your sessions may take you deep inside or lead you outward to connect with others. I offer guidance in the process of introducing health and wellness to your everyday life.

Hi, I am a proud alumnus of Rowan University. Growing up I was very active in dance, gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. During, my own personal fitness journey I had found support, motivation, and guidance, from the professional staff, fitness instructors and trainers at the Rowan Rec Center. My passion and love for fitness grew from their initial guidance throughout my own personal fitness journey. In an attempt to pay it forward, I hope to be able to motivate, inspire, educate, and empower my clients to believe in themselves, triumph over personal set backs, and support them to push forward towards living a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, I believe that EVERYONE is capable of doing amazing things if they put forth the needed effort and challenge themselves.

Rob Fekete
Alex Martino
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management
Hi, my name is Rob and through my own weight loss journey I have found the inner passion to aid others in a healthy future. I enjoy football, rugby, and all contact sports. I believe in functional training and sport specific workouts are great for all populations to reach a diverse range of goals. I'm also fluent in Spanish.

Hi, my name is Alex. Fitness has been a big part of my life since I was in high school and my passion for it only gotten stronger with time. One thing that I really like about training is that it gives me the ability to see progress in people that they sometimes didn't believe was ever possible. It's really uplifting to know that I can help someone and show them that fitness is more than just lifting weights, it can be fun too!

Meg Mascali
Michael Streifer
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management

Personal training became something that interested me through my major and through my lovely job at the Rec Center. I also work upstairs as a Fitness Area Assistant and help with program planning. My passion for being active began early on as I was an athlete most of my life before entering college. Basketball, softball, field hockey, soccer.. I've pretty much played it all! Personal training is something I've always wanted to get involved in because it lets me help others reach goals they never thought they could. But most importantly spread the idea that a healthy life is a happy life!

Over the years, exercise and fitness has turned into a passion of mine. There is nothing I love more than the feeling of working out and being healthy. I think everyone should experience the great feeling that exercise and healthy living provides. I want to show people how much fun exercise can be and prove that exercise is for everybody! My experience as an avid exerciser and a Health Promotion/ Fitness Management major has inspired me to want to share my love for exercise and I am excited to have that opportunity as an ACE Certified personal trainer.

Chrissy Strow
John Tyson
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management
Senior, Health Promotion Fitness Management
Hello there! My passion for fitness and wellness has molded how I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I love training because I get to share my passion with people while educating them about all aspects of wellness and fitness. I'm certified in ACE Personal Training, Pink Gloves Boxing, Turbokick, Spinning, and AFAA Group Exercise. My purpose in life is to help people live happier and healthier lives. I continue to expand my experience and education so that I can provide the best services for you no matter what your goals are.

Certifications: ACE Personal Training Tobacco Smoking Cessation Counselor
Philosophy: Exercise is a very important part of overall physical mental health. It has the potential to improve every aspect of an individuals well-being. A good dose of exercise can be just as effective powerful as any prescription, it can be done in so many different ways. It all depends on what works for you!
Goal: Improve quality of life of every single person I interact w/ daily.
Favorite quote: "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." -Mahatma Gandhi

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