Rec Center

Informal Recreation


Informal Recreation promotes healthy lifestyles through voluntary participation in various unstructured recreational activities. It's the drop-in use of activities including cardiovascular workout, strength training, indoor and outdoor basketball, indoor and sand volleyball, badminton, wallyball, indoor soccer, racquetball, open swim, jogging, and various outdoor sports activities. These opportunities are available in the Student Recreation Center, Intramural Field, Sand Volleyball Court, and Outdoor Basketball Courts. Recreational facilities and activities are available to Rowan students, faculty, and staff with a valid Rowan ID Card when they are not reserved for academic classes, Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, University-wide events, Conference & Event Services rentals, Maintenance shutdown periods, and possibly University holidays.

In the Student Recreation Center a volleyball net, badminton net, or indoor soccer goals will be made available for open play during the week on Court 1.

Participants playing informal basketball are expected to utilize these guidelines:

Court 3 is always Half Court play or shoot-around except Sunday - Thursday Evenings, when Courts 1 & 2 are being used for Rec Center programs or Scheduled Rentals & only Court 3 is available, Full Court play is priority from 6pm - 9pm. Before 6pm & After 9pm Half Court or shoot-around must be played.

Basketball games must be played to 11, with losing teams "out". When no one is waiting games may be played to 15.

No touching, hanging, or dunking on the rims is permitted.