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Singles/Doubles Ping Pong



The Ping Pong Tournament puts individuals against random opponents for pool play to start, which determines seeding for a single elimination bracket. Individuals may register for the singles league and may also register a doubles team. You must fill out registration for each tournament through IMLeagues before making your payment at the Rec Center.

Equipment can be checked out at the Rec Center Front Desk.

Participants will play 1 game per week. Games will now be scheduled by the IM Department based on your availability. Individuals and teams will be put into pools and play pool play games. Then based on records, will be put into a single elimination bracket. Participants must contact the IM office if there is any problems with scheduling or for forfeitures.

Registration Information:


After the captain creates the team through IMLeagues, individual players must request to join that team and will then be accepted or rejected by their captain. Any player who does not sign up for IMLeagues and who does not join a team through IMLeagues WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE!

The registration period begins August 31st and ends September 11th . Registration will take place through IM Leagues, but payment must still be made at the Rec Center front desk. The cost is $3/person or $6/team. All registrations must be fully completed with the team's availability by the captain via IM Leagues. Rosters are open via IM Leagues during the season and additional players may be added until playoffs begin. In order to be eligible for playoffs, the participant must have played in at least one (1) regular season game prior to the start of playoffs. All participants must register for an IM Leagues account and fill out the waiver on IM Leagues prior to participation. Failure to register and make the team payment by the deadline may result in the team not being able to participate or being assessed a late fee.

There is no captains meeting for this sport. All participants will be emailed all relevant information regarding the season/tournament. Read rules below.



The Intramural Office may be contacted at 856-256-4959 or

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