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Team Handball League

Fall 2012 Team Handball


The 6 on 6 Team Handball League will consist only of an "Open" Division. Team Handball is a sport consisting of teams with 5 players and a goalie. This fast-paced & high scoring sport shares elements of multple different games, including ultimate frisbee and basketball, and also contains an element of jumping and throwing. The players move the ball down the basketball court & attempt to score by throwing the ball past the goalkeeper into the net. Players must jump prior to the 3pt. line in order to have a legal shot attempt, but the thrower may land inside the 3pt. arc.

Video of Team Handball

Minimal contact is allowed, and players may not hold the ball for more than 10 seconds. Players with the ball are also restricted to 3 steps, they then must pass, shoot, or dribble (in order to be able to take additional steps). Penalty shots are given for fouls for players that are in a throwing motion towards the goal from the free throw line.A penalty is given to a team, if a defensive player steps into the 3pt circle and gains an advanatage. Offensive player that violate the 3pt. line will lose possession and be denied any shot attempts during the violation.

The season will be a 4 week regular season with 1 game per week and single elimination playoff bracket upon conclusion of the regular season.

Registration Information


After the captain creates the team through IMLeagues, individual players must request to join that team and will then be accepted or rejected by their captain. Any player who does not sign up for IMLeagues and who does not join a team through IMLeagues WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE!

The registration period begins October 19th and ends October 29th . Registration will take place through IM Leagues, but payment must still be made at the Rec Center front desk. The cost is $20/team. All registrations must be fully completed with the team's availability by the captain via IM Leagues. IM Leagues will have predetermined timeslots for different leagues, so the first teams to register will have first choice as to what division and what times they will play their games. Rosters are open via IM Leagues during the season and additional players may be added until playoffs begin. In order to be eligible for playoffs, the participant must have played in at least one (1) regular season game prior to the start of playoffs. All participants must register for an IM Leagues account and fill out the waiver on IM Leagues prior to participation. Failure to register and make the team payment by the deadline may result in the team not being able to participate or being assessed a $10 late fee.

The mandatory captain's meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 30th at 10pm in the Rec Center Group Exercise Room. Any teams not represented at the captain's meeting will be assessed a $10 fee for missing the meeting. If the team captain is not available, a team representative must attend. This meeting will go over the playing procedures and rules for the season and is also an opportunity to ask questions. Free agents should also register for an account on IM Leagues and they may then declare free agent status for a particular sport.


Captains Meeting Slides


The Intramural Office may be contacted at 856-256-4959

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