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Intramural Battleship: Sink or be Sunk!


Rowan Intramurals is proud to bring back Intramural Battleship for another semester! Intramural Battleship will be hosted Tuesday, February 12th at 9pm in the Rec Center Pool. The event is limited to the first 16 team canoes that register. This is an open event so both men and women can participate.



After the captain creates the team through IMLeagues, individual players must request to join that team and will then be accepted or rejected by their captain. Any player who does not sign up for IMLeagues and who does not join a team through IMLeagues WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE!


Registration Information:

The registration period is from Tuesday, January 22nd until Tuesday, February 5th. Cost to participate is $15/team. All registration forms must be filled out completely with all the relevant information from the the participants. All participants must submit their Rowan ID # and sign the waiver prior to participation.

A mandatory captain’s meeting will be held at 8:30 on Tuesday, February 12th at the Rec Center pool bleachers.  Any teams not represented at the captain’s meeting will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Registration Form

Rules & Regulations

Object of the Game:
Use teamwork, strategy, and buckets of water to sink the opposing team's canoe all while defending and protecting your canoe from the same fate. Each team is required to have four people in the canoe. No more, no less. Any less than four players will be considered a forfeit due to an unfair advantage of weight difference in the canoe.

Once your canoe has been sunk or your team has been disqualified, you must get out of the canoe and guide it to the loading zone of the pool.


The Intramural Office may be contacted at 856-256-4959 or

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