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Intramural Sports Handbook

How to enter an Intramural Sport/Activity

1. All students will secure entry forms for team sports, individual/dual sports, and special events from the Rec Center Front Desk.

2. Completed entry forms and team fees must be received at the Rec Center by the sign-up deadlines posted by the intramural schedule, fliers, and registration form. PRIORITY IS GIVEN TO TEAMS THAT TURN IN THEIR FORMS AND REGISTRATION FEE EARLY.

3. Team schedules, standings, and rules and regulations are all available on All announcements, updates, photos, provisions will be posted on imleagues and captains will be emailed or called for special circumstances.

Free Agents

1. The Rec Center would like to assist anyone who cannot find a team but has the desire to participate in a sport. These individuals are referred to as “Free Agents.”

2. “Free Agents” should create an account on and register for the sport they wish to play as a free agent. They can see if teams are seeking players and team captains can see registered free agents.

3. Please check with your residence hall to see if they have formed a team.


1. Equipment for intramural sport activities will be provided by the Rec Center, unless otherwise noted. Currently shin guards are not provided by the department.

2. If a team requests the use of an alternate piece of equipment for a game, both teams involved and the intramural supervisor will need to agree on the equipment before it may be used. If disagreement occurs, the Intramural Department’s equipment will be used. Instances involving a softball/baseball bat, both teams must be able to use it if approved

3. Jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, ankle bracelets, earrings, rubber bands, etc.) and casts are prohibited. Placing tape over jewelry will not be allowed. Proper shoes are required (metal cleats are prohibited). Knee braces are allowed with the approved covers (neoprene protective covers). Certain other sports may have other rules for safety reasons.

4. Teams will be assigned a t-shirt shade for each contest. Dark or white will be designated. If a team has a uniform or t-shirt made for their team, please notify the IM staff at the captains meeting. Failure to wear appropriate team shades will result in a loss of sportsmanship points.


1. All graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours at Rowan University are automatically eligible to enjoy all intramural privileges and shall retain that status until they withdraw from school, or until they fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the program. Each participant must be able to furnish a Rowan ID card to each contest.

2. Members of the Rec Center (alumni and community members) are not eligible to participate in the team sports of the student intramural program, however, are invited to participate in all dual/individual sports such as racquetball, ping pong, tennis, 5K runs, golf tournaments, etc. Faculty and Staff may participate in any Intramural offering as long as they are a member of the Rec Center.

3. Olympic athletes and professional athletes, current or former, are not eligible to play in their respective sports. Members of varsity and junior varsity sports are ineligible to participate for an intramural team in that sport during the school year in which they are squad members. Squad members shall be defined as any member who is listed on the team roster. A red-shirted player is considered a squad member. Each sport has individual restrictions on the maximum number of players allowed that are former NCAA or current club members of that sport. Any violations of this policy will result in a default for the team that picked up an ineligible player.

4. Players must participate in at least one regular season games before they become eligible to participate in playoffs. In the case of a forfeit, individuals that sign the waiver and planned to play will count as a participation. Special exceptions may be made at the discretion of the IM department regarding weather cancellations and rosters.

5. A player may play on a maximum of 2 teams per sport. A participant may play on one team of his/her chosen gender and one of a co-rec team. Women may play on a male team instead of a female team, but may not play in both. A player that participates in 2 teams of the same gender will be suspended from the intramural program and must meet with the Intramural Director prior to playing another intramural sport.

6. No player may transfer from one team to another once they have played with a team. If an individual wishes to change teams and has not participated on a team, then he/she may request in writing to the Intramural Director to change teams. Only after approval by the Director will the individual be allowed to participate.

7. A team that picked up an ineligible player shall default all games or events in which that person participated and receive a deduction in sportsmanship. Each team captain is responsible for the verification of a player’s eligibility. Team captains will be responsible for checking the eligibility of their own players and should refer questionable cases to the Intramural Director for a ruling before competing. The Intramural Office does not assume the responsibility for checking the eligibility of a participant. Teams may not play with ineligible players even by mutual agreement of both teams in the contest.

8. Rowan ID's will be verified each contest. If you lose your ID and are on the imleagues roster then you may use any GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo ID.


1. Protests can only be made on questions of eligibility or rule interpretation. Protests challenging the accuracy of a judgment call made by intramural officials or supervisors will not be accepted. Protests must be announced at the time of debate to the official and supervisor on duty. Do not wait until the end of the contest. A protest form will be given to the Team Captain to fill out.

2. The protest form must be submitted in writing to the Intramural Director by the Captain by 12 noon the following day.

3. All upheld protests will be replayed from the point of rule infraction, when possible, except those concerning ineligible players, where a default is awarded.

4. If a team is aware before a game begins (or before a player participates), of any reason that might be a justification for a protest, the protest must be made to the game official who will notify the opposing team captain who will make the determination of whether or not changes should be made.

5. During the playoffs, if a protest is deemed valid on player eligibility the protesting team advances, but the previous rounds remain the same.


1. Games may be rescheduled due to inclement weather. A decision on the weather can be made up until game time that night. All captains that are playing that day will be called. Cancellations will also be posted on the

2. Only in EXTREMELY unusual cases will a postponement be granted to a team. The following procedures must be followed:

a. Postponement requests must be submitted to the Intramural Director at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled contest.

b. Postponements must have the unanimous agreement of both team captains and the Intramural Director.

3. Only one postponement allowed during each intramural league.

4. As a courtesy to opponents, contact the Intramural Office if you cannot play in a scheduled game for any reason so that they may be notified and not show up to the field or court.

Entry Fee

1. Large Team sports (5 on 5 basketball, volleyball, soccer, indoor soccer, 7 on 7 flag football, etc.) will require an entry fee of $30.00. Small Team sports (3 on 3 basketball, wallyball, 4 on 4 flag football) will require an entry fee of $15.00 or $20.00. Individual sports (racquetball, ping pong, tennis) will require an entry fee, which is dependent upon the sport. Special event fees will be advertised. The entry fee is due with the entry form before the posted deadline.



1. A default results from a team either playing with an ineligible player or alerting the intramural office that they will not be able to play their game by noon the day of the contest and 4 PM on Friday if their contest is over the weekend. Both cases result in the team receiving a loss for the game in question and a reduction in sportsmanship rating.

2. Defaults do not have an associated forfeit fee the first time a team receives a default. However, two defaults are equal to one forfeit, which will then encur the forfeit fee. (see below)


 Any team forfeiting a game will be required to pay a reinstatement fee prior their next contest.
The fee is half the cost of the registration fee of each sport (Exceptios for $15 team fee, the forfeit fee will be $10)


  • Teams should be ready to play 15 minutes before the game.

2. If a team shows up 5 minutes after the game time it will be declared a forfeit. The clock will start at the regular game time and points will be given to the team that is ready to play. These points are determined at the beginning of each season and made available to the captains at the captain's meeting.

3. In the event of a double forfeit, both teams will have defeats recorded against their records and be required to pay the reinstatement fee to remain in the league.

4. If a team forfeits two games, they will be dropped from further competition in that sport.

5. The winning team must record their lineup for the forfeited game and must have at least a minimum of the official number of players.

6. The Intramural Supervisor will have the official time for each game.

7. The only exception to the 5 minute grace period to start a game is if a team is waiting for participants that are playing another intramural sport. The game will be delayed until the minimum number of players are made available to start the game.

Team Captain

1. Every team must be represented by a team captain. The captain is the representative of the team in all matters concerning the team and is the liaison between the Intramural Office and all team members.

2. It is the responsibility of the team captain to complete entry forms and submit it with the required entry fees prior to the entry deadline. Late entries may be turned in with both payment and a $15 late fee, but there is not guarantee that the team will be scheduled. Teams that are not scheduled will be issued a refund.

3. The team captain is responsible for informing his/her teammates of the information regarding the sport or rules. They must explain the rules for each specific activity, as well as the time and place of their games.

4. The team captain has the responsibility of getting their team to the game on time and to ensure all participants sign in with the Intramural Supervisor/Official with a valid Rowan ID card and sign the waiver.

5. The team captain is responsible his/her team’s conduct as well as fans affiliated with the team before, during, and after games and must be aware of the rules and regulations of the intramural program. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by participants or fans affiliated with a team may result in ejection of individuals or forfeiture of the team.

6. Following each contest the captain must sign the scoresheet and give an official’s rating, if they desire. If the captain is not available a team representative should sign the scoresheet and give an official’s rating.

7. Captain’s should notify all players and fans that alcohol is prohibited at all intramural playing areas, and no participants are allowed to participate while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Intramural Scheduling

1. Each team will enter a registration form with the appropriate cost for each sport. Each captain will also create their team on The registration form will then be processed. After it has been processed the captain will receive an email from the Intramural Department stating that they can select which division they wish to participate in. Teams that submit forms late will have the lowest priority in selecting a division.

2. THERE IS NO RESCHEDULING OF GAMES UNLESS MADE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR. Only games that will be rescheduled are when a majority of a team is playing in more than one intramural sport and games have been scheduled at the same time. The intramural sport waiting for these players will only wait for the minimum amount of players needed to start the game.

Sports Rules

1. All contests are governed by the NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association) or designated high school/amateur rules for that sport except as modified by Intramural Revisions.

2. Rules and regulations will be posted on the Rec Center website and made available at each game site.

3. Teams must be responsible for the knowledge of the rules and possible rule changes set by the Intramural Department.

Physical Exams

1. It is a college policy that all students must have their own Health Insurance before entering Rowan University. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that they have complied with this physical requirement.

Assumption of Risk

1. Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION in Intramurals. Individuals who participate in Intramurals do so at their own risk. Rowan University is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individual participation in Intramurals. Participation in Intramurals is voluntary.

2. If an accident/injury occurs, an intramural supervisor will complete an accident/injury report. Also, Intramural supervisors are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at the field or the gym. 

3. Each participant is required to sign the scoresheet/wavier before each contest

 Intramural Supervisors

1. The Intramural Supervisor is the final authority during an intramural activity. The supervisor will be in charge of organizing the event, directing teams to proper fields and courts, and policing the contests so that good sportsmanship is practiced at all times.

2. Participants must realize that the game officials are the first source of ruling and information. The supervisors may only be consulted when interpretations or applications of the rules are in question. They will not overrule any judgment calls.

3. The supervisor may intervene to stop play at any time. Situations such as disorderly conduct, abusive language and fighting are potentially dangerous and can lead to a supervisor terminating the contest and assessing a forfeit to the team or removing a player from the event and asking him/her to leave the facility.

  Official’s Rating Guide

We will use these ratings to evaluate the overall effectiveness of our officials as a crew, not as individuals. These ratings will not have a direct effect on how much certain officials work or which officials work playoff games. Any rating below a 4 requires a comment. Please take this opportunity to give us constructive feedback about our officials.

Points Description

5 Officials had superior game control. They displayed comprehensive rule knowledge and exhibited excellent professionalism and effort.

4 Officials had good game control. They displayed satisfactory rule knowledge and exhibited good professionalism

and effort.

3 Officials had fair game control. They displayed average rule knowledge and exhibited acceptable

professionalism and effort.

2 Officials had poor game control. They displayed below average rule knowledge and exhibited inadequate professionalism and effort.

1 Officials had unacceptable game control. They displayed unacceptable rule knowledge and exhibited intolerable professionalism and effort.

0 No game control. No rule knowledge. No professionalism and effort.


A part of the philosophy of the Intramural Sports program is that good sportsmanship is vital to every contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during games, the officials, supervisors and administrative personnel shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players, teams, or fans for poor sportsmanship. These decisions are final.

In team sports, all teams must have a 3.5 sportsmanship average per game in order to be eligible for the playoffs. Teams regardless of their record that fall below this average are ineligible for the playoffs. Requests for special circumstances may be made to the Intramural Director.

Each sport season will vary on what teams are eligible for playoffs

Sportsmanship Points

The Intramural Sports Program expects all participants to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a team must accumulate an average of 3.5 sportsmanship points per contest to be eligible for playoffs. During the playoffs, a score of at least (4) will guarantee advancement for the winning team. A winning team with a sportsmanship rating less than 4 will be reviewed by the IM Staff to determine if they advance.

Following the game, officials evaluate and issue sportsmanship points to all teams. The breakdown of points is as follows:

Points Description

5 Normal Game : Questioning an official on rule interpretation only.

4 Some static: Some question of judgment or repeated complaints. No infractions issued.

3 Difficulty : Repeated question of judgment. Unsportsmanlike call in softball, volleyball, flag football; a yellow card in soccer or a technical foul in basketball, failure to clean up trash on sidelines or in dugouts

2 Harassment : Multiple unsportsmanlike calls, yellow cards, technicals (not on the same participant) or spectators harassment of the officials.

1 Ejection : Any ejection, whatever the cause.

0 Forfeit or fighting : Includes threatening an employee. If involved in a fight your team could be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

Unsportsmanlike Conducts and Ejected Players

The following may be considered as evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct:

  • Profanity
  • Unnecessary delay of game
  • Striking or shoving an opponent
  • Arguing with officials concerning decisions
  • Derogatory and abusive remarks toward an opponent, officials or spectators
  • Any action that shows disregard for the rules or policies Intramurals

The following are possible consequences of unsportsmanlike conduct of intramural teams and participants.

 a. Team violations

(1) Intramural probation - Intramural probation places a team on a probationary status which would cause a suspension from Intramural participation for any further unsportsmanlike conduct. The term of probation may be set for a particular sport, for a semester, year or for an indefinite period.

(2) Intramural Suspension - Suspension from Intramurals prohibits the suspended organization and its individuals listed on the team roster from participating in any sports during the period of intramural suspension.

b. Individual violations

Any major violation may be sent to the Judicial Affairs at the discretion of the Recreation Center Professional Staff. The disciplinary measures that may be taken in case of individual unsportsmanlike conduct are as follows.


Arguing with an official 1st - Warning

2nd - Automatic Ejection and suspension

Striking or shoving an opponent Minimum - Automatic Ejection and suspension

Maximum - Revocation of IM privileges for up to one year and possible referral to Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs

Team fight (more than one player involved) Team automatically ejected from league and

Possible referral to Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs

Physical Conduct toward an official/supervisor Automatic suspension for one year and Referral to the Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs

Threatening an official Minimum - automatic suspension

Maximum - Revocation of IM privileges for up to one year and possible referral the Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs

Excessive Profanity 1st - Warning

2nd - Automatic Ejection and suspension

Vandalism of IM Equipment Automatic suspension for one year for IM privileges as well as

Recreation Center privileges. Referral to the Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs

Inappropriate actions which violate Minimum - ejection and probation

rules/regulations or threaten others Maximum - Revocation of IM privileges for up to one year and possible referral to the Recreation Center Director and Judicial Affairs


Any player ejected from an Intramural contest for any reason is automatically suspended from playing and spectating the next game his/her team plays. He/She must meet with the Intramural Director prior to playing again in their respective sport. If that individual fails to meet with the Intramural Director and misses additional contests, those missed contests do not count towards the minimum 1 game suspension. The person is also subject to further disciplinary action by the Intramural Director ranging from further suspension from play to full revocation of Intramural privileges.

The following Recreation Center policies will also be considered in dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct:

Incidents reported to the Administrative staff which indicate unsportsmanshiplike conduct include: failure to adhere to facility policies and procedures; failure to follow verbal instructions of a staff member; failure to provide personnel with proper identification upon request; unauthorized use of facilities; theft or damage to facilities or equipment; and physical or verbal abuse directed toward a staff member, spectator or participant. In doing so the individual(s) involved will be questioned and may be required to submit a written statement of the incident within seven days of the occurrence. Written statements from on-duty personnel and witnesses will also be obtained. At the conclusion of the internal investigation, the Intramural Director will rule on the incident. Penalties could include: temporary or permanent probation, suspension from the facilities for a specified period of time or permanent loss of recreational facility privileges.


Intramural Office Contact:

Intramural Director

Kevin George

Phone Number: 856-256-4927


Intramural Program Coordinator Office

Phone Number: 856-256-4959