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2015 Rowan Employee Summer Softball League



Congratulations to Facilities for defeating We Got Runs 12-8 in the 2014 Championship Game.


Thanks to all the teams for participating!



The Co-Rec Employee Softball League is played on Tuesday -Thursday Nights starting Tuesday, May 19th. Games start at 5pm and are 7 innings. Must have a minimum of 8 players per game to avoid a forfeit. NO base stealing or bunting. NO SLIDING! Each base can be overrun similar to running to 1st base. For females, outfielders must line up behind the 160 foot line when females bat. Must have at least 3 females to start a game. Student employees may play, but teams are limited to maximum of 4 on the field at one time. Teams are limited to having 4 grad or undergrad student workers on the field and batting at the same time. *Rosters are open for the regular season so you can add each game, but are locked and you cannot add players after the last game for playoffs.

Games will be played on the Varsity Softball Field. Participants should bring a glove. Bats and softballs will be provided on site. Teams are encouraged to arrive by 4:45pm to warmup, sign in, and submit rosters.








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