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Trying to find motivation to get a workout in to improve your diet and well being? Or are you looking for a group to train with to bring you to the next level and lose that “freshmen fifteen”? Most importantly are you looking to make working out fun? Well CARDIO CLUB is the club for you! It’s the club where we:

  • Work out in a group in various types of exercises (Running, Swimming, Cycling, Cross Training, Circuit Training & MORE!) led by our "Club Motivators" 
  • Compete in local 5k’s, COLOR RUNS, SPARTAN RACES, and MORE!
  • Build your confidence up in how you feel and look!
  • Create social/networking bonds that will last you a lifetime!
  • EXCELLENT resume builder
  • Sounds like the club for you? Like us on Facebook!

And attend our… 

General Meetings every Wednesday @ 9pm

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President - Pat French:

Vice President - Samantha Eppel:

Treasurer - Kathryn Lehocky:

Marketing Manager - Nicole Linder:

Secretary - Amber Howarth:

Risk Manager - Clifford Clifton:

Social Media - Katrina Guevara:

Public Relations Director - John Damiri: