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Sport Club Officer PowerPoints

For a detailed description of the forms listed below, click here.

Here you can find all the forms needed for a newly formed club.
Filled out by each club member, recognizes risk related to participation in sports, includes contact information for member and emergency contact.

Signatures of club officers and advisor(if applicable)

Filled out by president. Authorizes designated club members to pick up gate/light keys for practices
Complete and submit this report by two days after the competition is completed.
Submitted each time a club completes a community service project (at least once per semester)
To be completed and submitted for practices or meetings (at least 5 days in advance)
Reimbursement Form
If a club members pays for something out of pocket or is looking to be reimbursed for travel costs, this form must be submitted along with receipts and travel itinerary (done beforehand).

Sport Club Constitution Guide

A general guide for current or petitioning sport clubs on creating a Constitution. Also shows what information should be included in that Constitution.
Details home competitions, scrimmages, matches throughout the school year. Only one competition per submition.
To be filled out by anyone trying out or practicing with the club.
Complete and submit this form 1 weeks prior to each single-day away event. If trip is overnight, it must be submitted 2 weeks prior
Completed 3 weeks before travel. Must be submitted before all overnight trips. Must be submitted to recieve reimbursements.
Filled out by any club member that will be driving a personal vehicle for club transportation (practice OR competition)
Filled out for any person filling a volunteer roll for the team, i.e. volunteer coaches
To be filled out by officials who are NOT Rowan students in order to receive payment
Accompanies Personal Service Contract if individual has not been contracted by Rowan previously (stop by Sport Club office for a copy)
Special Assignment Contract
To be filled out by officials who ARE Rowan students (stop by Sport Club office for a copy)