Residential Learning & University Housing
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How are Freshmen Students Tripled?

How are students tripled?

Students who indicate on their housing application that they would like to be tripled are placed in tripled rooms first.  Students with the latest housing application date are placed in tripled rooms next.

How is a student “detripled”?

Students are detripled in order of earliest housing application date.  As space becomes available students are informed by the Office of Residential Learning and University Housing that a space is now available via their Rowan e-mail address.  The tripled group can choose to remain together or inform the office as to which student will be moving into the new vacancy.  If the students choose to remain tripled, the students will not get another opportunity to be detripled until after all other tripled students have been afforded the opportunity to detriple first.

Compensation for tripled students

A tripled room is one in which furniture for a third roommate has been added to a double occupancy room (lofted bed, dresser, desk, & chair). Please note that in triple rooms, 3 roommates share 2 wardrobes. The university will compensate students who live in a tripled room as follows: Students who occupy a tripled room through October 17, 2014 will receive a $500 credit. Students who remain tripled through December 18, 2014 will receive an additional $500 credit. No credits are earned during the Spring semester. A total of $1,000 in credits may be earned. Credits will be applied to the student’s spring semester housing fees or refunded to the students account if not living in University housing after fall semester.