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What is a tripled room?
Triple occupancy rooms are the most common room configuration in freshmen residence halls. In a tripled room, furniture for a third roommate has been added to a standard residence hall room. Each student will have their own bed, desk with chair, and a dresser. Each bedroom has two wardrobes or closets that the three roommates share.

What does a triple room look like compared to a double room?

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Why does the University triple rooms?
The University provides triple rooms in order to assure that all freshmen have a place in University housing. Due to increased enrollment in recent years, demand for housing has grown and exceeded the available space in standard double rooms. Our experience at Rowan University has been that most freshmen prefer to live on campus because of the many benefits they receive from doing so. Students who live on campus...

  • Are a part of a strong community.
  • Find it easier to form friendships with their peers.
  • Develop a greater sense of belonging to the University,
  • Participate more in student organizations, resulting in development of leadership skills.
  • Develop stronger connections to faculty.
  • Increases their awareness of diversity and the skills needed to work with diverse people.
  • Are more likely to complete a degree in 4 yrs.
  • Earn higher GPAs.

How many students will be tripled?
We estimate that between 20-30% of freshmen will be tripled.

Are the fees for a triple the same as a double?
A tripled room is a different rate than a double room. To find more information on rates, please click here.

How are students assigned to a triple?
Students who volunteer to triple are assigned into tripled rooms first.

Are there any incentives to volunteer?
Yes! Students who volunteer to triple will have the following benefits in addition to the reduced housing fees:

  • Volunteers will receive $500 off your Fall semester meal plan.
  • A free MicroFridge will be provided to all tripled rooms that had a volunteer. That is a $145 value.
  • Volunteers will receive free summer housing during the summer between freshman and sophomore year if they choose to enroll in summer session courses.
  • Volunteers will receive $50 Rowan Bucks on your Fall semester bill.

As part volunteering to be in a Triple Room in your residence hall, Rowan University is providing your room with a microfridge unit through the contracted vendor Campus Specialties, Inc. (CSI), free of charge to the residents of the room. The microfridge will be installed in your room prior to your arrival to campus (excluding certain early move in dates). If you have volunteered to be in a Triple Room or are considering it, please do not place an order with CSI. Rowan University will automatically provide a list of rooms who have a triple volunteer to CSI. Only one microfridge is permitted in each Triple Room location, so any other orders will be cancelled by CSI once they received a room list from Rowan.

How are students detripled?
Students are detripled in order of the earliest housing application date. As space becomes available, students are informed that a space is available via their Rowan email address. The tripled group can then decide which student will be moving into the new vacancy, or they may all remain in the triple if they choose to. We have found that as many as 50% of students actually choose to remain in the triple room due to the close relationships they form with their roommates and others on their floor. If tripled students choose to remain tripled, they will not be eligible to be detripled until after all other tripled students have been offered the opportunity to detriple.

How does the University determine which rooms to triple?
There are several factors that are considered, including space and fire code requirements. Not all rooms can be tripled due to the configuration of fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. All of our tripled rooms meet fire code regulations and furniture is arranged appropriately to ensure that exit pathways, sprinkler heads and smoke detectors will not be obstructed in an emergency.

How will I fit all my belongings?
We encourage students in tripled rooms to bring only important and essential items to their room on move in day and leave other items at home. For example, at move in, bring clothes for warm weather, and transitional fall weather, but leave heavy winter clothes at home. This provides an opportunity to see how things fit, and then roommates can see how much room is left for them to bring additional items from home.

We also encourage roommates to communicate ahead of move-in to make decisions about items they may share, such as a TV or MicroFridge. Student find lots of creative ways to organize their rooms, such as utilizing hanging closet organizers, organizers under the bed or in some rooms placing dressers into their wardrobes.

Where can I go to study or have some alone time?
There are lounges in every building that students may utilize to take some time for themselves and to study. We would also find that the library, computer labs, and other academic spaces provide students with quiet study areas where they can complete homework, projects, and study for important tests.

I'm worried my grades might suffer because I am in a triple.
Research has shown that tripled students’ grade point averages are not significantly different from other students in residence halls. Studies also show that being tripled does not affect students' adjustment to college life and that tripled students are as likely as others to participate in student organizations and to report satisfaction with their academic and social experiences.

Tripled students do report less satisfaction with their rooms due to the limted space and reduced privacy. Given this, it takes some patience and collaboration with roommates to use the space efficiently.

How long will I be in my tripled room?
Due to the increased enrollment of the incoming freshmen class, there will be limited space for students to be detripled into. If students are offered the opportunity to be detriple, we suggest they strongly consider it before passing it up. Most students will probably remain tripled throughout their first year at Rowan University.

Given this demand for housing, is more housing being built?
In response to recent growth, Rowan University has aggressively added additional residence capacity, the most dramatic examples of which are the Rowan Blvd. complex ( 886 new beds) and the Whitney Center (280 new beds). The university has also developed a master plan for the development of a new freshman residence hall complex as well as renovation of our existing residences over the next several years. While new housing for first year students is being developed, incoming freshmen students at Rowan are tripled in order to accommodate them on campus and allow them the opportunity to attend Rowan and enjoy all of the benefits the university has to offer.