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Spring 2015 Check-Out Information

Official Checkout Dates and Times
Tuesday May 5th – Monday May 11th
Unless students have been granted a checkout extension and have received confirmation via their Rowan email, all students must be officially checked out by: Monday May 11th at 10 PM.

Checkouts will be conducted between the hours of:
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM*

*prior to noon on May 7th, students can contact the RA duty phone to arrange for checkout assistance
Express Checkout: All students will be completing an express check out to hand in their key and officially move out of their residence hall or apartment. Prior to noon on May 7th, building staff will be available by contacting the RA duty phone to arrange for an express checkout.

After noon on May 7th, staff members will be stationed at the checkout location advertised for your complex starting at 10 AM and ending at 10 PM.

All Graduating Seniors will follow the checkout schedule below:
Official Checkout Times for Graduating Seniors
Last Day to Checkout - Saturday May 16th 9am-12pm
Checkouts will be available each day of Commencement week (between May 12th and May 15th) for Graduating Seniors between 11:30am and 5:30pm. All Seniors must be moved out no later than Saturday May 16th between the hours of 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Checkout by reporting to the checkout location advertised for the complex you reside in. An RA will assist you with your express checkout.

• Detailed closing instructions will be e-mailed to your Rowan e-mail address and posted on our website ( over the next few weeks. You will also have a MANDATORY floor meeting with you RA in which all of this information will be discussed in detail.

Checkout Extension Requests
Non-graduating students must complete a checkout extension request in order to stay later than May 11th at 10:00 pm. Checkout extension requests are due by Friday, April 17th. This includes all students associated with commencement proceedings as well as Summer Session 1 & 2 students.

• How a student submits a checkout extension request:
o Log on to
o Click on MyHousing under the student tab
o Click on “Go to MyHousing”
o Click on “Personal Preferences” under “Navigation”
o Select “Spring 2015” as the term with the dropdown box
o Answer the following questions:
 1. The date I am requesting to checkout of my room for Spring 2015 is:
 2. The reason I am requesting a checkout extension is:
 3. The rationale for my checkout extension request is:
o Click “Submit My Personal Preferences”
 System message will then state “your changes have been saved”
The student’s Residential Learning Coordinator will respond to their request via their Rowan email address.

*Graduating Seniors and students who have finals ending at 5pm or later on Monday May 11th do not need to submit a checkout extension request. Your checkout extension will automatically be noted and approved by our office.

*Requests must be submitted no later than NOON on Friday, April 17, 2015. Requests submitted after this date cannot be considered. If you have any inquiries regarding the above information, please contact or call 856-256-4266 x1 to set up an appointment to speak with one of our staff members.

Summer 2015 Session and Checkin/Checkout Schedule


Session I (3 week session) 5.18.15-6.5.15 Saturday 5.16.15 Saturday 6.6.15
Session II (1st 5 week session) 5.26.15-6.28.15 Friday 5.22.15 Saturday 6.27.15
Session III (8 week session) 6.1.15-7.24.15 Friday 5.29.15 Saturday 7.25.15
Session IV (2nd 5 week session) 6.29.15-7.31.15 Friday 6.26.15 Saturday 8.1.15
Session I and III Saturday 5.16.15 Saturday 7.25.15
Session II and IV Friday 5.22.15 Saturday 8.1.15

For more information on Summer 2015 click here