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Fall 2015 Check In Information

Check in for Fall 2015 will be the last weekend in August. Freshmen move in is on Saturday August 29, 2015 from 9am-4pm. Upperclassmen move in is on Sunday August 30, 2015 9am - 4pm and Monday August 31st 9am-4pm (for the remainder of Rowan Blvd residents). Please see below for the detailed move in schedule.

Rowan Boulevard and Whitney Center Fall 2015 residents have received an e-mail to their Rowan e-mail address with details for selecting a move in time. Please make sure you select your move in appointment date/time by Sunday August 16th at midnight. Students who do not select an appointment time will be assigned one.

A map of the main campus and reference guide to parking can be found here. Please see the designated unloading and parking zones below.


Chestnut Hall

Chestnut Hall Office 8/29/2015 Chestnut Parking Lot

Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall Office 8/29/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Willow Hall Willow Hall Office 8/29/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Mimosa Hall Mimosa Hall Office 8/29/2015 Lot W
Oak & Laurel Halls Oak & Laurel Courtyard (Evergreen lounge if raining) 8/29/2015 Oak & Laurel Lot (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)
Evergreen Hall Evergreen Lounge 8/29/2015 Trustee Drive (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)
Mullica Hall Mullica Lounge 8/29/2015 Lot T
Edgewood Park Apartments Edgewood Park Office 8/30/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Triad Apartments Triad Lobby 8/30/2015 Triad Parking Lot
Townhouses Townhouse Community Center 8/30/2015 Parking Garage and surrounding Parking Lots
Rowan Blvd Rowan Blvd Conference Room 8/30/2015 - 8/31/2015 (by appointment time) Rowan Blvd parking garage and enter via the entrance closest to the Marriott Hotel
Whitney Center Bole Hall Annex 8/30/2015(by appointment time) Lot P (for vehicle staging)

Upon arrival at your check-in location, you will meet with the Resident Assistants assigned to the check-in table.
• You will sign in to the building and fill out all necessary paperwork required and receive the items you will need for the year:

-You will receive a copy of your room condition report with instructions for use.
-You will receive your key and sign your key receipt
 Rowan Boulevard residents will be asked to sign paperwork confirming they received their bedroom pin code and mailbox combination

-You will receive your welcome packet with information regarding your building, how to submit work orders, RCR information, a lanyard, etc.

• Students are then free to move in and set up their room.
-Rowan Boulevard and Whitney Center residents must arrive during their check-in time and assure that their vehicles are unloaded within the approved window of time. Shuttle service will be available from parking lots back to the buildings.
-Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will be directed to move it to a parking area further away, to allow space for other students to park as close to the building as possible to unload.

• A limited supply of rolling bins will be supplied for loan at each check-in location. Again, supplies are limited, so please make necessary accommodations to gather any items you feel necessary to assist moving your items in prior to the date of move-in. Bringing your own hand truck, for example, is encouraged to get belongings from your vehicle to your building. Only Rowan Blvd, Whitney, and Triad have elevators.

For new students:
• The following items must be completed prior to you moving in:
-Your fall bill must be paid – See the Bursar’s Office with any additional questions (856-256-4150) or online.
-You must have all vaccination paperwork in to Health Services – See Health Services with any additional questions (856-256-4333) or online.
• For information on what to bring and what not to bring click here.
• To view your housing assignment (available the week of August 3, 2015) click here.

Click Here for a list of offices that are open during check-in and hours.

Summer 2015 Session and Checkin/Checkout Schedule


Session I (3 week session) 5.18.15-6.5.15 Saturday 5.16.15 Saturday 6.6.15
Session II (1st 5 week session) 5.26.15-6.28.15 Friday 5.22.15 Saturday 6.27.15
Session III (8 week session) 6.1.15-7.24.15 Friday 5.29.15 Saturday 7.25.15
Session IV (2nd 5 week session) 6.29.15-7.31.15 Friday 6.26.15 Saturday 8.1.15
Session I and III Saturday 5.16.15 Saturday 7.25.15
Session II and IV Friday 5.22.15 Saturday 8.1.15

For more information on Summer 2015 click here