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Spring 2014 Check-Out Information

Official Checkout Times

Friday May 2nd – Saturday May 10th at 6 PM

All students must be officially checked out by

Saturday May 10th at 6 PM

Checkouts will be conducted between the hours of

5/2 through 5/9 ~ 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

5/10 ~ 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

All Graduating Seniors will follow the checkout schedule below:

Official Checkout Times for Graduating Seniors

Friday May 16th

Checkouts will be conducted between the hours of

4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Checkout by reporting to the checkout location advertized for the complex you reside in.  An RA will assist you with your express checkout or walk through checkout

  • Detailed closing instructions will be e-mailed to your Rowan e-mail address and posted on our website ( over the next few weeks.  You will also have a MANDATORY floor meeting with you RA in which all of this information will be discussed in detail.

Checkout Options:

1)Express Checkout – Checkout by reporting directly to the checkout location advertised for your complex


2) Walk through Checkout – Checkout by scheduling an appointment time with an RA. Details on this process will be emailed to your Rowan email address in April.

  • You must sign up at least 24 hours in advance with any RA in your building
  • Make sure your space is clean and free of belongings before your appointment time
  • Meet the RA at your building's checkout location
  • If you are not ready to check out at your scheduled time, you will be asked to complete an express checkout
  • The RA will be noting the condition of your room at this time, but will not be making decisions regarding damage billing. A later walkthrough will take place with the RLC/RD to determine damage charges

Checkout Extension Requests

Non-graduating students must complete a checkout extension request in order to stay later than Friday, May 9th. This includes all students associated with commencement proceedings as well as Summer Session 1 & 2 students.

  • How a student submits a checkout extension request:
    • Log on to
    • Click on MyHousing under the student tab
    • Click on “Go to MyHousing”
    • Click on “Personal Preferences” under “Navigation”
    • Select “Spring 2014” as the term with the dropdown box
    • Answer the following questions:
      • 1. The date I am requesting to checkout of my room for Spring 2014 is:
      • 2. The reason I am requesting a checkout extension is:
      • 3. The rationale for my checkout extension request is:
    • Click “Submit My Personal Preferences”
      • System message will then state “your changes have been saved”

The student’s Residential Learning Coordinator will respond to their request via their Rowan email address.

*Graduating Seniors do not need to submit a checkout extension request*

*Requests must be submitted no later than NOON on Friday, April 18, 2014.  Requests submitted after this date cannot be considered.