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Fall 2015 Check In Information

Check in for Fall 2015 will be the last weekend in August. Freshmen move in is on Saturday August 29, 2015 from 9am-4pm. Upperclassmen move in is on Sunday August 30, 2015 9am - 4pm and Monday August 31st 9am-4pm (for the remainder of Rowan Blvd residents). Please see below for the detailed move in schedule.

Rowan Boulevard and Whitney Center Fall 2015 residents have received an e-mail to their Rowan e-mail address with details for selecting a move in time. Please make sure you select your move in appointment date/time by Sunday August 16th at midnight. Students who do not select an appointment time will be assigned one.

If you have not checked in by 9am on September 1, 2015, you can still check in - however, all check-ins will occur after this date (during normal business hours) at the Residential Learning & University Housing Office in Savitz Hall, 1st Floor. Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 8:00pm.

A map of the main campus and reference guide to parking can be found here. Please see the designated unloading and parking zones below.


Chestnut Hall

Chestnut Hall Office 8/29/2015 Chestnut Parking Lot

Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall Office 8/29/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Willow Hall Willow Hall Office 8/29/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Mimosa Hall Mimosa Hall Office 8/29/2015 Lot W
Oak & Laurel Halls Oak & Laurel Courtyard (Evergreen lounge if raining) 8/29/2015 Oak & Laurel Lot (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)
Evergreen Hall Evergreen Lounge 8/29/2015 Trustee Drive (Entrance from Lot P off Whitney Ave.)
Mullica Hall Mullica Lounge 8/29/2015 Lot T
Edgewood Park Apartments Edgewood Park Office 8/30/2015 Edgewood Parking Lot
Triad Apartments Triad Lobby 8/30/2015 Triad Parking Lot
Townhouses Townhouse Community Center 8/30/2015 Parking Garage and surrounding Parking Lots
Rowan Blvd Rowan Blvd Conference Room 8/30/2015 - 8/31/2015 (by appointment time) Rowan Blvd parking garage and enter via the entrance closest to the Marriott Hotel
Whitney Center Bole Hall Annex 8/30/2015(by appointment time) Lot P (for vehicle staging)

Upon arrival at your check-in location, you will meet with the Resident Assistants assigned to the check-in table.
• You will sign in to the building and fill out all necessary paperwork required and receive the items you will need for the year:

-You will receive a copy of your room condition report with instructions for use.
-You will receive your key and sign your key receipt
 Rowan Boulevard residents will be asked to sign paperwork confirming they received their bedroom pin code and mailbox combination

-You will receive your welcome packet with information regarding your building, how to submit work orders, RCR information, a lanyard, etc.

• Students are then free to move in and set up their room.
-Rowan Boulevard and Whitney Center residents must arrive during their check-in time and assure that their vehicles are unloaded within the approved window of time. Shuttle service will be available from parking lots back to the buildings.
-Once your vehicle is unloaded, you will be directed to move it to a parking area further away, to allow space for other students to park as close to the building as possible to unload.

• A limited supply of rolling bins will be supplied for loan at each check-in location. Again, supplies are limited, so please make necessary accommodations to gather any items you feel necessary to assist moving your items in prior to the date of move-in. Bringing your own hand truck, for example, is encouraged to get belongings from your vehicle to your building. Only Rowan Blvd, Whitney, and Triad have elevators.

For new students:
• The following items must be completed prior to you moving in:
-Your fall bill must be paid – See the Bursar’s Office with any additional questions (856-256-4150) or online.
-You must have all vaccination paperwork in to Health Services – See Health Services with any additional questions (856-256-4333) or online.
• For information on what to bring and what not to bring click here.
• To view your housing assignment (available the week of August 3, 2015) click here.

Click Here for a list of offices that are open during check-in and hours.