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Office of Student Activities

Rowan After Hours

Rowan After Hours (RAH) takes place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM in the Student Center.

Upcoming RAH Events

Date Event Midnight Bar
Thursday (9/18) DJ Spin Off Tri Tostitos with salsa, nacho cheese, and guac, shredded cheese and queso
Friday (9/19) N/A N/A
Saturday (9/20) #RoGlow 38 Pizzas, 20 cheese, 18 pepperoni

Featured Events


RAH Policies

Mission Statement

Rowan After Hours (RAH) provides late-night/weekend opportunities for Rowan University students to become active in campus life by executing diverse, quality programs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Professional Staff

Rhiannon (Rio) Napoli
Assistant Director, Programs and Special Events - Rowan After Hours

Rhiannon's Photo

Student Center - Room 218
(856) 256-4879

James Thatcher
Graduate Coordinator, Student Activities and Rowan After Hours

JAMES's Photo

Student Center - Room 111

Michele Applegate
Graduate Coordinator, Student Activities and Rowan After Hours


Student Center - Room 111

Student Coordinators

Emily Kofman
Marketing Coordinator

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The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for marketing all programs, maintaining a street team, ordering marketing materials, creating pit posters at beginning of the semester, developing four commercials a semester, coordinating with the Graduate Coordinator for Student Activities & Marketing to create twitter posts for RAH, sending out the Rowan Daily Mail weekly, and holding committee meetings weekly.

Kirsten Smith
Program Coordinator

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The Programming Coordinator is responsible for choosing and creating Pinterest Projects, running bingo, creating and implementing homegrown games shows, purchasing prizes, and holding committee meetings once every two weeks.

Kate Wyatt
Tech Services Coordinator

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The Tech Coordinator is responsible for providing sound and lighting at events, training staff to work events, the upkeep of the tech room and tech manual, reviewing all tech riders and contracts to make sure everything is set prior to events, and holding committee meetings once every two weeks.

Rowan After Hours Student Employees

  • Zakiya Abdul-Malik
  • Katie Cesario
  • Tameesha Harris
  • Tori Lawrence
  • Jenn Margiloff
  • Trish Marino
  • Tom Marsella
  • Ricky Martinez
  • Michael Morris
  • Daniel Murray
  • Erin Niedzwiecki
  • Sydney Pfeil
  • Christopher Robinson
  • Wayne Sellers
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Amanda tessler
  • Tyler Waddington
  • Tiara Walden