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Jobs at RAH

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RAH Mission Statement

Rowan After Hours (RAH) provides late-night/weekend opportunities for Rowan University students to become active in campus life by executing diverse, quality programs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Core Values of the Office of Student Activities

  1. Quality – We strive for excellence in both programming and service for the university community. We try to create only the best experiences for participants by providing quality programs and excellent customer service.
  2. Collaboration – Collaborative relationships with students, offices, organizations, and businesses are necessary for everything that we do. We work hard to create and maintain mutually beneficial and productive relationships with all.
  3. Innovation – We believe that innovative ideas, programs, and strategies are needed to run a successful student activities office. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, host trend-setting events, and continually improving our programs and services to better serve the Rowan Community.
  4. Student Development – We are dedicated to creating an environment that is conducive to student learning, leadership, self-discovery, and social growth by creating opportunities for engagement with other students, faculty, and staff outside of the classroom.
  5. Fun – Simply put, the Office of Student Activities is in the business of producing fun. The events, programs, and services we provide create a welcoming, inclusive and entertaining environment for the Rowan community.