Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring Program

Program Services

Peer and Professional Mentors

Upon completing a Mentor Request Form, students will have the opportunity to hold an initial meeting with the Assistant Director or Graduate Coordinator to be matched with either a peer or professional mentor.

Peer Mentors: Our peer mentors are Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring participants who have already achieved some success at Rowan. They are trained to listen to their mentees’ concerns, share their own experiences, and help their mentees create their own path to success.

Professional Mentors: Our professional mentors are a diverse group of Rowan University faculty and staff members. What draws them to volunteer their precious time and energy to this program is their commitment to helping Rowan students map out their own academic and professional success.

“Speak & Eat” Conversation Series

Designed to focus on the whole student and to help program participants understand the importance of making healthy and safe choices, this conversation series focuses on topics similar to the following:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Priorities, Values and Personal/Academic Standards
  • Body Image and Media Portrayal of Men and Women
  • Why Diversity Matters to Students

Innovative Academic Workshops

Through in collaboration with Students United for Mentorship and Service (SUMS), which is the student orgazation arm of the mentoring program, each semester program participants are given the opportunity to attend a series of Skills for Life Seminars.  Past topics have included:

  • It's My Refund Check and I want it Now: Financial literacy matters.
  • Beyond a “Hook-Up:” Networking 101
  • Internship Today, Jobs Tomorrow