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Visions of the Future: Setting Your Career Plan in Motion

General Information

Components of the learning community:

  • Grouped Housing in same Residence Hall (coed)
  • 2 paired courses first and second semester
  • Peer mentoring
  • Meet the group during summer orientation
  • Meet linked course faculty members
  • Community meetings throughout the semester to socialize, learn about the campus and explore majors & careers

Primary goals of the learning community:

  • To assist students in adjusting socially and academically to the University.
  • To increase student satisfaction in the freshman year.
  • To provide relevant and continual information about campus services, policies, procedures, and oppuortunities.
  • To increase the students' awareness of their interests, work values, and abilities and relate them to the majors they are considering.
  • To explore occupations related to various majors and begin a developmental career plan for increased motivation and satisfaction with a choice of major.
  • To increase the likelihood of selecting an appropriate major that is a match to the interests and goals of each student.