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This show talks to major news makers, authors and celebrities. Hosted by Philadelphia radio veteran Paul Perrello on the 2nd Monday of each Month at 5:30 p.m.

Interview with Jane Seymour
(Mar 09, 2009) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello chats with Jane Seymour about her role on Dancing with the Stars and how her talent and creativity is flourishing.

Interview with TV Personality Randy Jackson
(Feb 09, 2009) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down with "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson. Jackson not only talks about being on "American Idol" and its extreme success, but he also talks about his life before "American Idol" as an award winning record producer.

Interview with Lucie Arnaz
(Jan 12, 2009) Play Dowanload

Paul Perrello interviews daughter of the late Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Lucie Arnaz - an establish actress.

Author John Grogan on his book 'Marley & Me'
(Dec 08, 2008) Play Dowanload

Author and former Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Grogan speaks about his best selling novel, Marley & Me, and it's upcoming theatrical release. He also shares information about his new novel, The Longest Trip Home.

Interview with Actor David Cassidy
(Nov 10, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello interviews David Cassidy. Known as Keith from the Partridge Family, David talks about him and his 'family,' their rise to stardom and current successes.

Interview with Dark Shadows star Lara Parker
(Oct 13, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with Lara Parker about her role in the famous TV show, Dark Shadows, as well as information about her latest novel.

Interview with Actor Paul Sorvino
(Sep 08, 2008) Play Dowanload

Actor Paul Sorvino shares his experiences and stories about his career, acting, heritage, and new food line, as well as information about his new film cenetered around NJ.

Interview with former American Idol Contestant Ace Young
(Aug 11, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down and speaks with Ace Young, former American Idol contestant. They discuss his journey which has brought him to Philadelphia to promote his new self-titled CD.

Actor Hill Harper on New Book
(Jul 14, 2008) Play Dowanload

Actor Hill Harper stopped by Studio 89.7 to discuss his new book about mentoring. Hill explains why there is an increasing lack of role models and mentors for America's youth.

Interview with Olympic Gymnastics Coach Bela Karolyi
(Jun 09, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with famed Olympic gymnastics coach, Bela Karolyi. They discuss his accomplishments and desire to encourage children to participate in gymnastics.

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