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This show talks to major news makers, authors and celebrities. Hosted by Philadelphia radio veteran Paul Perrello on the 2nd Monday of each Month at 5:30 p.m.

Former 76ers' Coach Pat Williams on NBA Championship Win
(May 12, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with former Philadelphia 76ers' coach, Pat Williams, about winning the NBA Championship and his new book "Tales from the 76ers."

Interview with Former Philadelphia Phillies Catcher Chris Coste
(Apr 14, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with Philadelphia Phillies catcher Chris Coste. They discuss his new book the 33 Year Old Rookie, which chronichles his life and his journey into becoming a major league baseball player.

On the Ice with Professional Figure Skater Scott Hamilton
(Mar 10, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down with figure skating legend Scott Hamilton. They discuss the long running Smuckers Stars on Ice tour and its 1000th performance which will occur in Philadelphia.

Interview with Director Ari Sandel
(Feb 11, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with Ari Sandel, director of 30 Days & 30 Nights. They discuss the film that is about a cross country comedy tour.

Life after American Idol with former contestant Constantine Maroulis
(Jan 14, 2008) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down with American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis. They discuss his new album and life after American Idol.

Interview with Pianist Jim Brickman
(Dec 10, 2007) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with pianist Jim Brickman. They discuss his music, tour, and experiences as a musician.

Author Vincent Bugliosi on The Kennedy Assassination
(Nov 11, 2007) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perello sits down with Vincent Bugliosi. They discuss the 21 years of research that led to the book, Bugliosi wrote that discusses the assassination of former president, John F. Kennedy.

Actress Kate Flannery on her rise to fame
(Oct 08, 2007) Play Dowanload

Philadelphia born actress, Kate Flannery, joins Paul on this episode of Studio 89.7. Kate speaks about her climb to fame and her experiences as "Meredith" on NBC's hit show "The Office."

Interview with author Wendy Lee
(Sep 10, 2007) Play Dowanload

Author of "Grace Kelly: An American Princess", Wendy Lee shares intimate details about Princess Grace's private life.

Interview with actress Alexa Vega
(Aug 13, 2007) Play Dowanload

Alexa Vega, star of Spy Kids and the movie-musical Hairspray, shared stories of growing up in Hollywood and her latest encounter with fame.

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