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This show talks to major news makers, authors and celebrities. Hosted by Philadelphia radio veteran Paul Perrello on the 2nd Monday of each Month at 5:30 p.m.

Interview with Song Writer Frank Previte
(Sep 13, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with song writer Frank Previte about "Dirty Dancing" and his work to help fight cancer in Patrick Swayze's memory.

Interview with Actor and War Veteran George Takei
(Aug 09, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello spoke to George Takei about his experience in "Star Trek" with its controversies at the time. They also discuss his experience in an American containment camp during World War II.

Interview with Musician Kevin Eubanks
(Jul 12, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with musician Kevin Eubanks about coming home to Philadelphia, his numerous honors, his musical inspiration and his time on the Jay Leno Show.

Interview with Author Brad Meltzer
(Jun 14, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello speaks with guest Brad Meltzer about his book "Heroes for My Son," his first work of nonfiction. He speaks about his inspiration and the stories of these extraordinary people.

Interview with Actor and Author Kathy Kinney
(May 31, 2010) Play Dowanload

Paul Perrello interviews Kathy Kinney, who starred as Mimi in The Drew Carey Show from 1995 to 2004. Kinney talks about her career and her new book, "Queen of Your Own Life."

How to be a Successful Actor with Kathleen Turner
(May 10, 2010) Play Dowanload

This week on Studio 89.7 host Paul Perrello talks to actor Kathleen Turner about her acting career in the movies and what it takes to be successful in acting.

Interview with Doctor Ian Smith
(Mar 08, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down with Doctor Ian Smith and talks about his new best selling book.

Interview with Singer and Former American Idol Contestant Bo Bice
(Feb 08, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello interviews Bo Bice about his American Idol success and his new CD.

Interview with Former NBA Star Earl Monroe
(Jan 11, 2010) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perrello sits down with former NBA star Earl Monroe to discuss his life in professional sports and his post-retirement work of helping those with diabetes like himself.

Interview with Food Network Star Guy Fieri
(Dec 14, 2009) Play Dowanload

Host Paul Perello is joined by Food Network star Guy Fieri. They discussed everything from Guy's love of cooking to what made him try out for The Next Food Network Star.

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