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Local civic leader Omarey Williams and his weekly guests examine various issues of concern to the African American Community. Airs Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Kimberly Garvin and Saadiq Wicks on their Organization Let Me Finish
(Nov 21, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams sat down Kimberlvy Garin and Saadiq Wicks to talk about Wicks' nonprofit foundation that he created, Let Me Finish - an organization that helps kids who stutter. Wicks later gave advice to listeners on how to politely handle someone who stutters. Finally, Wicks gave words of encouragement for other kids who may have big dreams. For more information, log onto

Terry Gould and Jerry Young on Tri-City Hope
(Nov 14, 2012) Play Dowanload

Terry Gould and Jerry Young from Tri City Hope, joined host Omarey Williams to discuss an upcoming charity event. Tri City Hope, founded by Gould and Young, helps gives kids a positive outlet in the community involving service projects. Gould and Young also spoke about the first-annual Celebration of Hope, a gospel concert on November 17th benefitting survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Both hope to bring the community together to bring peace.

The Benefits of an Entrepreneur with Jean Alerte
(Oct 10, 2012) Play Dowanload

Jean Alerte, entrepreneur and author of "Do Right, Do Good," joined host Omarey Williams to discuss what drew him to start his own businesses and some of his greatest successes. Later, Alerte discussed the eight principles he details in his book "Do Right, Do Good," as well as gave advice for anyone who hopes to one day start their own business. For more on Alerte and his work, visit

Partners in Crime with Jerry Young, Terry Gould and Moses Molina
(Sep 19, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams spoke with Jerry Young, Vice President of Tri City Boxing, Terry Gould, President and head coach of Tri City Boxing and Moses Molina, professional boxer at Tri City Boxing. Gould explained what drove him to open up their own boxing gym and how he and Young became partners. Later, Molina outlined his boxing career. Initially starting as a football player, Molina's mother drove him to box.

Teaching Kids How to Use their Minds with Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson
(Aug 08, 2012) Play Dowanload

Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson joined host Omarey Williams to talk about his his goal to help kids how to use their minds to think positively and make positive moves--all while using chess to teach these lessons. Nicknamed "Checkmate," by Jane Fonda, Hudson spoke about four simple concepts to help children succeed: think it out, don't shoot it out; look inside yourself; education; knowledge, attitude, skills and habit--KASH. For more information on Hudson and his work, log onto

The Tourist Area of Baltimore, Maryland with Dion Weaves and Tom Saunders
(Jul 04, 2012) Play Dowanload

Dion Weaves, advertising promotions director for Visit Baltimore and Tom Saunders, president of Renaissance Productions and Tours joined host Omarey Williams to discuss various tourist attractions in Baltimore, Maryland. Saunders talked about different attractions dedicated to historic African Americans. Weaves also mentioned the Legends and Legacies Heros pass, where visitors get to experience three different museums in Baltimore.

Transitioning from Basketball to an Office with Former NBA Player Earl "The Pearl" Monroe
(Jun 20, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams sat down with former basketball player Earl "The Pearl" Monroe to discuss his career and his work as an advocate for diabetes. A Philadelphia native, Monroe played for the Baltimore Bullets and the New York Knicks. Monroe detailed the details and accolades of his basketball career and the transition from the court to the office. Later, he discussed his struggles with diabetes and his involvement with restaurants enforcing diabetes-friendly menu items.

Growing Up in Trenton with Tracey Syphax
(Jun 06, 2012) Play Dowanload

Tracey Syphax, entrepreneur, community activist, motivational speaker, president and CEO Capitol City Contracting Inc. and Phax Group, LLC and author joined host Omarey Williams to discuss his life--from growing up in Trenton, New Jersey to a period in prison to opening a million dollar business. He discussed his ever-present entrepreneurial desire that he possessed throughout his life. Later, Sphax discusses his autobiography "From The Block To The Boardroom," detailing his journey to success.

Leonard Pitts Jr. on His Writing Career
(May 30, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams spoke with Leonard Pitts Jr., author and columnist to speak about his new book "Freeman." Writing professionally for 36 years, Pitts has just published his second book. Though he's written both fiction and nonfiction works, Pitts admits he enjoys writing fiction more. His other novels include "Becoming Dad: Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood" and "Before I Forget." For more information, log onto

Will Foskey Discusses New Book "The Relationship Guidebook"
(May 23, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams spoke with Will Foskey, author, about his new book "The Relationship Guidebook." Foskey, who also sends out a "Monday Morning Motivation" email and text blast, is a self-proclaimed "man of many hats" who's interests range from volunteerism to poetry. After years of consoling friends with their relationship woes, Foskey decided to team up with a longtime friend to pen "The Relationship Guide" to voice the trends and solutions he'd come across.

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