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Local civic leader Omarey Williams and his weekly guests examine various issues of concern to the African American Community. Airs Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

LaShonda DeVaughn on "If All Men Cheat, All Women Should Too"
(May 09, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams sat down with LaShonda DeVaughn, author of "If All Men Cheat, All Women Should Too." A self-published author since 2007, DeVaughn now has five novels to her name. She also mentioned how she hoped street literature and urban fiction would help people read who typically wouldn't. For more information, log onto

Lee Plumber on Successful Business Franchise
(May 02, 2012) Play Dowanload

Entrepreneur Lee Plumber joined host Omarey Williams to discuss his business franchise. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Plumber came to New Jersey to work for Campbell's Soup and eventually started a CertaPro Painters franchise. Plumber discussed what drove him to open a franchise and what difficulties he faced.

Angela Medearis The Kitchen Diva
(Apr 18, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams spoke with Angela Medearis, the Kitchen Diva. After being a legal secretary for years, Medearis decided she wanted to try her hand in writing. Initially writing children's stories--and self-promoting them until her first book was picked up by Scholastic Publishing--Medearis eventually transitioned to writing cookbooks documenting her mother's recipes.

Performing Poetry with David Barnes
(Apr 04, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams spoke with David Barnes, informally known as Poetic Prodigy, to talk about spoken word. Barnes, who's been writing poetry since middle school, gave a rundown of what spoken word is: poetry that's meant to be performed. Also, he explained why he prefers poetry over other written media. Finally, Barnes noted Voices of Power, a poetic group that he is a part of and an upcoming performance.

Coach Ken Carter on the Discussion of the Movie 'Coach Carter'
(Feb 22, 2012) Play Dowanload

Coach Ken Carter joined host Omarey Williams to discuss his book and movie based on his life. Carter, who is played by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie "Coach Carter," discussed his rise to success. Carter credits his Southern upbringing and advice from his grandparents for the content of his book "Yes Ma'am, No Sir." He also discussed what he hopes people take away from his book and his story. He emphasized good service and hard work. For more information, log onto

Changing A Community with Adylia Rhenee Gutierrez
(Jan 25, 2012) Play Dowanload

Adylia Rhenee Gutierrez, founder of joined host Omarey Williams to discuss the website and the change she hopes to make in the community. As a junior at Temple University, Gutierrez developed in order to motivate people to make the best out of what they have. Gutierrez aimed to have be a one-stop-shop for information about everything from fashion to entrepreneurship. Membership on is five dollars a month.

An Interview with Author Keith Holmes
(Jan 18, 2012) Play Dowanload

Keith Holmes, author of "Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success" joined host Omarey Williams to discuss his path from a black inventors enthusiast to an author on the topic. Holmes discussed different inventors mentioned in the book and how we use their inventions today. He also mentioned the process in compiling information for the book. More information can be found at

From Chicago to Law Enforcement to Author with Don Tucker
(Jan 11, 2012) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams sat down with Don Tucker to discuss his path from childhood in Chicago to working at the Federal Bureau of Narcotics to being an author. Tucker discussed his childhood and his academic and football career at the University of Iowa. Following graduation, Tucker worked for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and then the Secret Service. Recently, he's written two books: "The Complex" and "Two Edged Sword."

Former NFL Player Anthony "Bubba" Green on his History in Athletics
(Dec 28, 2011) Play Dowanload

Host Omarey Williams sat down with Anthony "Bubba" Green. Green, a former NFL player for the Baltimore Colts, discussed his history in sports and his years at Millville High School. Now Green has devoted his time to enriching the youth of Baltimore through coaching and eventually mentoring truants at the University of Baltimore School of Law. He also discusses combating combat/stray voltage. More information can be found at

Helping Minority Students with Lisa Oliver
(Nov 16, 2011) Play Dowanload

Lisa Oliver joins Omarey Williams on the African American Profile. Oliver, an active member of NAACP talks about her work with ACT-SO, an enrichment program designed to academically and culturally encourage minority high-school students. She details the components of ACT-SO and how they are designed to help students. Oliver gave details concerning a fundraiser for the program as well.

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