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A monthly series addressing the needs of the disabled, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., hosted by Arc representatives Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley.

St. John of God Community Services
(Oct 16, 2017) Play Dowanload

ARC Representative Bill Gordon speaks with Brother Thomas Osorio, Executive Director of Archbishop Damiano School, ST. John of God Community Services.

Maxibility Learning
(Sep 18, 2017) Play Dowanload

Hosts Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon speak with reading specialist and certified education advocate Ellen Topiel, MA. Ellen is the Founder and President of Maxibility Learning.

Tide Water Adaptive Aquatics Center
(Aug 21, 2017) Play Dowanload

ARC Representative Bill Gordon talks with Amanda Pope, Executive Director of the Tide Water Adaptive Aquatics Center. The center is a non-profit, volunteer based swim school for special needs children.

Build Jake's Place
(Jul 17, 2017) Play Dowanload

Hosts Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley are joined by guest Arthur Aston, Executive Director of Build Jake's Place. Jake's Place, located in Cherry Hill, NJ, is a boundless playground for children and adults with all levels of abilty to play together. They talk about the history and mission of this non-profit organization which believes that every child deserves a chance to play, regardless of physical limitations.

Camp Sun N Fun at the Arc Gloucester
(Jun 19, 2017) Play Dowanload

This weeks Hosts Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley are joined by Jamie Jezek and Hannah Durnin, the recreation directors at the Arc Gloucester. They discuss Camp Sun N Fun, a summer camp that offers children and adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in summer activities. They talk about the history, what is offered at the camp, and how to get involved.

Precious Love Fund
(May 15, 2017) Play Dowanload

Hosts Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley are joined by guest, Dr. Keisha Tomlinson. She is a veterinarian who works with Precious Love Fund to save rescued or abandoned animals who are in need of medical care. They discuss the mission of this nonprofit organization and the work that is currently being done to help local animals.

The Arc Gloucester's Sixty Acts of Kindness
(Apr 17, 2017) Play Dowanload

Hosts Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon are joined by guests from the Franklinville adult training facility. They discuss the Arc Gloucester's "60 Acts of Kindness" in honor of the program's 60th anniversary this year!

Ashley's Quest
(Mar 20, 2017) Play Dowanload

In this edition of the show, Host Bill Gordon catches up with Pam Crum, the director of Ashley's Quest. The mission of this program is to enhance the daily living skills of adults with disabilities so they can live in the community as independently as possible.

Teaching Students with Autism
(Feb 20, 2017) Play Dowanload

Our guest was Matt Riley. Matt is the Executive Director of The Timothy School in Berwyn, PA. The Timothy School is the oldest non-profit approved private school in Pennsylvania devoted exclusively to teaching students with autism

Getting to Know P.A.L.S. Pt. 2
(Jan 16, 2017) Play Dowanload

This week we continue talking to our guests are Donna Forman, a certified speech pathologist and Ann Simon, a certified speech therapist, representing P.A.L.S.: Peers Using AAC for Language and Socialization among peers of children who are multiply disabled and require aid for communication.

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