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A monthly series addressing the needs of the disabled, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., hosted by Arc representatives Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley.

Exploring Speech Therapy
(Nov 21, 2016) Play Dowanload

Our guests are Donna Forman, a Certified Speech Pathologoist and Ann Simon, a Certified Speech Therapist representing P.A.L.S. - Peers Using AAC for Language and Socialization. P.A.L.S. promotes socialization among peers of children who are multiply disabled and require aid for communication.

Celebrating the Arc Gloucester's 60th Anniversary
(Sep 19, 2016) Play Dowanload

In honor of its 60th anniversary, Hosts Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley take a look at the greatest moments and milestones throughout the Arc Glocester's history. The Arc Gloucester is dedicated to creating programs for children with developmental disabilites.

Health and Wellness Through Ballroom Dancing
(Aug 15, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon speak with Louise McCarthy and Eugene about The Arc Gloucester's brand new ballroom dancing program.

Jennifer O'Donnell on "Living With Autism"
(Jul 18, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon speak with Rowan alumna and Gracie Award winner about her documentary and more.

Exploring Local Services for Children with Special Needs
(Jun 20, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon speak with Daphne Jackson about the services available for children with developmental disabilities, provided by The Arc Gloucester.

Nancy Jo DiGirolamo and Jack Kostiuk: The Kids Caring Foundation and 22q Deletion Syndrome
(May 16, 2016) Play Dowanload

Our guests today are Nancy Jo Digirolamo and Jack Kostiuk. Nancy Jo is the mother of and advocate for her son, Jacob who has a condition known as 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. Jack is the President and Executive Director of Kids Caring Foundation which provides a variety of programs for children, including Team 22q.

The Arc Report
(Apr 18, 2016) Play Dowanload

Lisa Conley and Bill Gordon of The Arc Gloucester are joined by Elmoria Thomas, Director of the Southern Regional Child Care Resource Center and a member of the Gloucester County Child Care Fair about the upcoming Child Care Fair.

The Arc Report
(Mar 21, 2016) Play Dowanload

Bonnie Crosby, Director of Pegasus The Arts, joins the program. Crosby talks about Pegasus The Arts - a creative arts program for special needs adults - and a special upcoming event for the organization.

The Arc Report
(Feb 15, 2016) Play Dowanload

The latest edition of The Arc Report features guest Annie Peters, Executive Director of The Sambulance Safety Squad which offers group educational safety programming for schools and other community organizations serving individuals with special needs.

The Arc Report
(Jan 18, 2016) Play Dowanload

Hosts Bill Gordon and Lisa Conley talk with Jeannette Collins of New Jersey Child Assault Prevention. They discuss children's safety and what signs to look for if a child is being harmed outside of school.

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