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The Facts of Autism
(May 17, 2012) Play Dowanload

The Facts of Autism takes a deeper look at autism. We discuss the five different types of autism: Classical, Aspergers, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Rhetts, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. We speak to professionals in the field, students with autism, and a mother raising an autistic child. Locally produced by Matt Nelson, Josiah Duffy and Arielle Reamer.

RU On Board: Examining the Rowan/Rutgers-Camden Potential Merger
(May 15, 2012) Play Dowanload

The documentary focuses on informing the public about the proposal to merge Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden in order to create an impressive, new comprehensive university - one of just two research institutions in the state and one that will include both a medical school and a law school. Locally produced by Rob Cunningham, Dan Morgan and Sam Gordon.

Smoking: Unfiltered
(Dec 22, 2011) Play Dowanload

The 30 minute documentary, Smoking: Unfiltered presents the facts about cigarette smoking. With an emphasis on college students, we dissect why people become heavily addicted to nicotine, what is the average age of a person begins to smoke and how state governments have stepped in to help educational institutions curb cigarette smoking on their campuses. Locally produced by Christina Maxwell and Phillip Blandino.

Life After the Classroom: Starting a New Life
(Dec 21, 2011) Play Dowanload

Simply put, college is what you make of it. You can go to parties, skip class, and enjoy the night life of college. Or, you can go to class, get good grades, and set yourself up for a promising career. If you are a student of the latter, then this documentary is for you. Life After the Classroom: Starting a New Life demonstrates the many organizations and resources that you can take advantage of as Rowan student. Locally produced by Glenn Schulz, Joe Wilson, Jamal Moore, and Sarah Johansen.

Sleep, Study, Repeat: But What's Your Body Saying In Between?
(Dec 19, 2011) Play Dowanload

A locally produced documentary produced by Elizabeth Loshikian and Jhasmine Allen detailed how most college students don't lead healthy lifestyles because of the demanding work load their educational lives bestowed upon them. Aside from school work and studying, another reason why college students don't lead healthy lifestyles is because of partying and drinking. The documentary covered the health factors involved with not properly taking care of your body and the long term consequences.

Under Pressure
(May 16, 2011) Play Dowanload

No one ever said college was easy, but handling the workload varies from student to student. "Under Pressure" illustrates the stressors college students face, its root causes and ways of coping. Producers: Jason Brown, Shane Donahue, and Kathy Paterson

Facing Facebook
(Dec 28, 2010) Play Dowanload

Facing Facebook is a documentary about what exactly the social media website offers to the people who use it. The documentary examines relationships, marketing, and the overall impact of Facebook on college students. Producers: EJ Campbell, Lindsay Ezykowich, Matt Shanley

Loco for Four Loko
(Dec 23, 2010) Play Dowanload

Four Loko is the latest craze in alcoholic energy drinks. Loco for Four Loko is a documentary that covers the dangers surrounding the recently popular beverage. It discusses how the infamous beverage is taking a toll on college students across America and what states are doing to try to prevent it. Producers: Michael Amato, Ryan Spillman, Jazmin Hooks

RU Online or RU Traditional
(Dec 22, 2010) Play Dowanload

This documentary strives to help prospective college students decide which route to graduation is best for them and to help them quell internal controversy they may feel about managing their life, work, and pursuit of continuing education. Producers: David Leek, Savannah Crawford

RU Safe? A View on Rowan's Public Safety
(Dec 21, 2010) Play Dowanload

RU Safe is a documentary about the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping students safe on the Rowan campus. It shows how much safety means to Rowan and all colleges worldwide. Producers: Tim Bunting, Brett Davidson, Shannon Macmillin

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