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Destination Unknown: Life After College
(Apr 26, 2004) Play Dowanload

Destination Unknown: Life After College is a documentary which examines the challenges and stresses college seniors face while trying to find an internship and a job all while trying to graduate on time. Producers: Keith Wentzell and Mike Synder

Childhood Memories : As Seen On TV
(Apr 24, 2004) Play Dowanload

This documentary takes a look at the children's shows that everyone knew and loved. We discuss the prevalence of local children's shows in the Philadelphia area and the role that television played in children's lives. Producers: Kim Shipman and Kevin Fischer.

Making the Team: the Hard Way
(Apr 23, 2004) Play Dowanload

Making the Team: the Hard Way is a documentary examining the social problems of hazing that face high school athletics. The documentary also focuses on the mental and physical effects of hazing. Producers: Tom Ortuso and Bob Badders

The Life and Work of Elia Kazan
(Apr 21, 2004) Play Dowanload

The Life and Work of Elia Kazan is a documentary highlighting the work of the controversial director and discussing the impact of Kazans impact on the film industry, as well as actors today. Producers: Jack Swiker and Tom Quaile

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 5: God: Yes, No, Maybe So
(May 02, 2003) Play Dowanload

This segment asks if people aren't worshiping then what are they doing? Plus, do circumstances such as old age, terminal illness or facing death bring a return to the belief in God? Producers: Ken Madden & Jason Salvatore

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 4: God, As Seen On TV
(May 01, 2003) Play Dowanload

This segment explores the positive and negative portrayals of God and religion in television and movies. Producers: Kate Hine & Ken Holden

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 3: One Nation, Under God
(Apr 30, 2003) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the ways God is manifested within our everyday lives, and the various effects of these manifestations throughout society. Issues explored include prayer in school, the pledge of allegiance, the symbol of the cross, teaching evolution rather tahtn creationism, as well as the notion of printing the words "In God We Trust" on our nation's currency. Producers: Bill Pavlou & Jason Kitchen

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 2: Times...Are They Changing??
(Apr 29, 2003) Play Dowanload

Part two looks at the difference of religious practices between families in the past and present and why certain changes came about. Producers: Nick Bennett & Claire Morgans

Are You There America? It's Me, God - Part 1: The Evolution of Religion in America
(Apr 28, 2003) Play Dowanload

Part one begins by taking a brief look at the origins of religion in America in reference to key events and important time frames that played a pivotal role in establishing what we've come to know as religion today. In addition, this segment analyzes recent trends and takes a deeper look into the current status of religion in America. Producers: Derek Dealy & Ray Johnston

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To - Part 5
(Apr 26, 2002) Play Dowanload

The focus of this segment is on methampthetamines, GHB, LSD, and the help and treatment available for party drug addictions. Producers: Jake Nisenfield, Mike Billian and Nate Clark

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