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College Life in the 90s - Part 5
(May 19, 1995) Play Dowanload

Graduation and Careers - This segment discusses life after college and the challenges students may face when entering the working world. It also talks about things students can do to be as prepared as possible for their first interviews. Producers: Shawn Brown and Jeff Calabria

College Life in the 90s - Part 4
(May 18, 1995) Play Dowanload

Relationships - This segment discusses the many different types of relationships students can form when they live on campus and become involved in the many clubs and activites the school has to offer. It also talks about the importance of time management and finding a schedule that works for you. Producer: Mike Guidice

College Life in the 90s - Part 3
(May 17, 1995) Play Dowanload

Safety and Crime - This segment explains what one should do if they ever find themselves feeling unsafe on campus. It also discusses the importance of being aware of one's surroundings. Information is also given about HIV, AIDS, safe sex and how one may be influenced by peer pressure. Producers: Chrissy Rae and Rhonda Charlton

College Life in the 90s - Part 2
(May 16, 1995) Play Dowanload

Religion - This segment discusses how entering college may change some students perspectives on religion. College seems to be a time when many students find themselves and question how they feel about religion. Most college campuses have many different religious facilites for almost any type of major religion. Producer: Jeff Hickman

College Life in the 90s - Part 1
(May 15, 1995) Play Dowanload

Affording College - This segment discusses the different types of fees that make up the tuition cost, names ways that one could possibly cut the cost of college and explains cost differences between public and private institutions. Financial aid, such as scholarships and grants, are also explained. Producers: Renee Migeot and Chris Palochko

Violence in the High School - Part 5
(May 13, 1994) Play Dowanload

This segment gives facts and statistics about violence and crimes in New Jersey. It includes a roundtable discussion with people who see and are effected by high school violence. Producers: Sandra Brice, Darcey Iuliucci and Matt Puma

Violence in the High School - Part 4
(May 12, 1994) Play Dowanload

This segment gives examples of different cases of school violence across the United States. The difference in high school violence in public and private schools is looked at and the parents of students are interviewed about their awareness of violence in the high schools. Producers: Roy Spiller and Kathy Yurkonis

Violence in the High School - Part 3
(May 11, 1994) Play Dowanload

This segment interviews young individuals who are in a juvenile correction facility. They explain their own personal situations and show how a child's family situation can impact their lives in a sometimes negative way. Producers: Colin Ackers, Kristen Lampe and Roger Oates

Violence in the High School - Part 2
(May 10, 1994) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses the legal issues and what can be done at private and public schools as far as dealing with weapons in the high schools. It also explains the various programs that are focused on student safety and well-being. Producers: Brian McRory, Jim Stewart and Vicky VanArsdale

Violence in the High School - Part 1
(May 09, 1994) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses disciplinary problems and how they have become more and more severe over the years. Some personal stories are told and some shocking statistics are revealed. Producers: Dawn DeSimone and Kimberly Dowd

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