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One Nation Understanding - Part 1
(May 04, 1998) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses Title 9 (equal access education to boys and girls including athletics) and how sports have grown and changed over time because of this. It explains the door that was opened for women to play sports in high school, college and beyond and why racial issues are easier to overcome when sports are involved. The importance of good sportsmanship is emphasised. Producers: Dean Auer and Jabari Higgs

Breaking the Silence - Part 5
(May 09, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses physical and emotional abuse and what happens when families try to intervene in either a positive or negative way. It explains how the people who are abused are mostly likely to become the abusers and some tips are given of ways to break this cycle. Producers: Melissa Connell & Victor Sosa

Breaking the Silence - Part 4
(May 08, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on the issue of child abuse. It discusses the long term effects abuse can have on a child much later in his or her life. Producers: Jason Weber & Pat Reeves

Breaking the Silence - Part 3
(May 07, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on verbal abuse and some of the signs and symptoms of an abusive relationship. It also explains the different ways the family of the victim can be effected. Producers: Jen Southwick & Chirs Fitzpatrick

Breaking the Silence - Part 2
(May 06, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment uses dramatizations to show examples of domestic abuse. Some of the misconceptions and the role the media plays on abuse are both explained. Producers: Stacy Lawrence & Chris Gallagher

Breaking the Silence - Part 1
(May 05, 1997) Play Dowanload

This segment focuses on abuse and domestic violence. It explains the cycle of abuse and reasons why people find it hard to leave their abusers. The steps a person attempting to leave an abusive situation should take are discussed. Producers: Damon Bernardini & Rob Ryan

Generation X - Part 5
(May 10, 1996) Play Dowanload

This segment interviews people from Generation X and asks them what they feel are the major differences in their generation as compared to previous generations. It also looks ahead as to what the future holds for those of Generation X. Producers: James Yanek, Andy Gradel & Eric Anderson

Generation X - Part 4
(May 09, 1996) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses the job market and how it is becoming more and more difficult to find jobs. Different tips are given of ways to make oneself more marketable. Producers: James Yanek & Christy Channel

Generation X - Part 3
(May 08, 1996) Play Dowanload

This segment discusses the specific changs that have occured between the 1960's and today. Topics like drugs, alcohol, racism and sex play a much larger role in today's society. Producers: Steve Herzog & Julissa Marenco

Generation X - Part 2
(May 07, 1996) Play Dowanload

This segment shows and explains how all of the different ways the times have changed. Producers: Andy Gradel & Frank McGuigan

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