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All Rowan University campuses will close at 4:45 p.m today, January 26th, 2015.

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WGLS Special Broadcast

WGLS Special Broadcast Archive

As the Curtain Rises: with Cindy Nannay
(May 26, 1996) Play Dowanload

The best of the broadway stage and the silver screen. As the Curtain Rises with Cindy Nannay, broadcast on May 26, 1996.

As the Curtain Rises: Pre-Oscar Party
(Mar 24, 1996) Play Dowanload

Cindy Nannay hosts As the Curtain Rises, a special broadcast of the pre-Oscar party. Nannay and guests discuss predictions and music the night before the Oscars.

Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl - 12/1993
(Dec 11, 1993) Play Dowanload

Rowan vs. Mount Union - 2nd Half

Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl - 12/1993
(Dec 11, 1993) Play Dowanload

Rowan vs. Mount Union - 1st Half

WGLS 13 Days of Christmas
(Dec 07, 1993) Play Dowanload

Rowan Radio staff performs WGLS's rendition of the 13 Days of Christmas.

Sports Force Interview with Rich Ashburn
(Sep 21, 1990) Play Dowanload

Ed Benkin speaks with Rich Ashburn, sportscaster and announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies. Rich answers questions from callers about the players of the Phillies and his experiences as an announcer.

Sports Force at the Eagles Nest
(Apr 15, 1990) Play Dowanload

Ed Benkin takes a trip to Ron Jaworski's Eagles Nest in Sewell, NJ to talk to John Bunting, Mike Golic and Ron Jaworski. They talk about Glassboro State College football and working with the NFL.

Sports Force Interview with Scott Brooks
(Feb 21, 1990) Play Dowanload

Scott Brooks, player for the Philadelphia 76ers, joins host Ed Benkin to talk about his successes as a professional basketball player. He speaks about teamwork, confidence and the 76ers' competition for the season.

Tadd Kozeniewski, Keith Gale, and Karen Thomas
(Dec 14, 1989) Play Dowanload

The trio speaks with Pee Wee Herman on their radio program.

Sports Force Interview with Harry Kalas
(Oct 15, 1989) Play Dowanload

Host Ed Benkin is joined by sportscaster and announcer for the Philadelphia Philles, Harry Kalas. They discuss the road to becoming a professional sports announcer and the excitement that comes along with it.

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