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October 2014

With the return of students and faculty this fall, Information Resources & Technology (IRT) would like to update the University community on several technology enhancements and additions over the past year that will contribute to a productive academic year.

Please take a moment to read the highlights of our initiatives, projects and services below that will enhance the overall learning experiences to our students, assist in the research and instruction of our faculty and enable staff to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

IRT News Fall 2014



New MAC OS 10.10 Yosemite Incompatibility Issues
The new version of the MAC OS, 10.10 (Yosemite), is being released this month and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

It is important that you refrain from upgrading to Yosemite until we are notified by ClearPass that their system will work with 10.10, and we can ensure everything will work properly.  Information Resources & Technology will provide a follow-up notice when it is safe to install 10.10.  

Windows 10 Technical Preview...Waiting for Official Release
This month, Microsoft released a "technical preview" of its newest operating system, Windows 10, as part of its Windows Insider Program. We ask anyone that may be considering installing it to please wait for it to be released officially. We cannot say whether Windows 10 in this preview form will be compatible with Rowan's wireless network and may cause you to lose your ability to connect, along with any other unknown compatibility issues that may arise.

New Wireless Network and Computer Registration Systems
The University’s new secure wireless network, RowanSecure, has been upgraded from RowanWPA to ensure that all computers and devices that connect to the University network meet minimum security requirements before being granted access.

In addition, a new computer registration system, ClearPass, has replaced Campus Manager.  This system will ensure that all computers and devices connecting to the University network meet minimum-security requirements before being granted access. This applies to all computers connecting to the University network, even if you have registered your system in the past. 

Please take note:

  • RowanWPA is no longer available in the Residence Halls. Users will be required to use RowanSecure wireless and the new ClearPass registration system.
  • RowanWPA wireless and the old Bradford Campus Manager system are still available alongside RowanSecure elsewhere, but will be phased out over the coming months.
  • Information Resources & Technology (IRT) highly recommends that employees bringing a personally owned computer and/or any mobile device to campus connect to RowanSecure and register through the new ClearPass system.

For more information, visit

IT Acquisition Process for Tech Equipment and Software Pricing
This summer, IRT began implementing an IT Acquisition Policy and Procedure when requesting any new information technology need, including software, hardware, IT consulting and IT services.

As part of the procedure, a team of IRT managers and staff will then review each request to ensure that all information technology resources purchased within the University are compatible with Rowan’s information technology and in compliance with security requirements and regulations.  Following this procedure will also allow IRT to effectively provide the required support and services relating to each new approved information technology resource implemented on all campuses.

To review the IT Acquisition Policy and Procedure documents, visit For questions regarding the process, contact For any additional assistance with obtaining quotes or questions regarding technology orders, contact

Coming Soon - WebEx Sharing and Web Conferencing Software
On November 2, Rowan will begin offering WebEx university wide.  WebEx, an application sharing and web conferencing software, lets you have online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection – including mobile users. Connected via audio, you can share content from your computer, allowing you to see the same things at the same time – like PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or even browse the web together.

Rowan’s meeting center accounts allow for unlimited online meetings, high-quality video with support for multiple webcams and Active Speaker switching, and the ability to record meetings.

Data Center Renovations Expand Capacity to Support Growth
To provide more reliability of our servers and expand the capacity for growth, a data center renovation project was initiated last summer that included the data centers in both Campbell Library and Memorial Hall.  The Campbell renovation is complete and the Memorial renovation is scheduled for completion by mid-October.

Updating Your Password
As a reminder, the new password policy has been applied to all user accounts (faculty, staff and students) since July in an effort to increase security and improve audit compliance.  This policy requires users to change their password every 120 days. The policy will now require complex passwords (a minimum of 8 characters in length containing numbers and/or special characters) and enforce account lockouts after multiple failed logins. Several reminders in the weeks leading up to password expiration dates will be sent. If you fail to update your password before it expires you may be locked out of resources you require.

Rowan Password Scam Circulates Once Again
IRT would like to bring to your attention a new email message that was currently circulating attempting to steal Rowan usernames and passwords.

The people behind these fake messages are taking the usernames and passwords they steal and using those Rowan accounts to send out thousands of SPAM messages. Internet service providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Comcast and others have blocked email from Rowan multiple times recently due to this type of scam and the large volume of email it generates.

This is what the latest message looks like:

Subject: Last Warning!!!
Dear Rowan Mail user,

This is to notify all Students, Staff and Faculty, that The Rowan University mail information technology (it) Help Center policy requires each mail account holder to upgrade his/her account for an active affiliation with the technology cyber services.

The Blackboard and Banner system does not show an active 2013/2014 affiliation for you at this time. You are required to provide the information below in reply to this email for activation of your affiliation and increment of your mailbox quota size-:



Your mail account is scheduled to be deactivated in 2 days of "Non Compliance" After that time, you will not be able to log into your mail box. Email messages sent to your mailbox will be rejected.

If your eligibility is restored in the next <GRACE_PERIOD days, you will receive a mail informing you that your account is no longer scheduled for termination.

You should ignore this message and delete it!

Please remember that any message you receive asking for your password in regard your Rowan account, even claiming to be from someone at Rowan, is a scam. Ignore and delete them ALWAYS. We do not send quota messages requiring your password or disable mailboxes and ask users to "re-validate" OR "update" them.  No one involved with technology at Rowan will ever ask for your password through an email for any reason.

We need everyone to please be aware of this and DO NOT give out your Rowan username and password through a link in any email message unless you are certain it is from a legitimate Rowan email address and takes you to a legitimate Rowan web page.

Fake attachments have also been a problem lately. Please do not open attachments from senders you do not recognize, especially if the attachment is a .zip file. These can be very dangerous.

If you ever question the validity of an email, or a link or attachment within it, please forward it directly to the Support Desk at

Faster Internet Connection Speed To Enhance Media Streaming, Plus
Last academic year, the University’s Internet connection speed was increased three-fold to 2Gb in January 2014 from a previous level of 600Mbit. This upgrade affects the students most significantly in residence halls who, in general, will have a much better experience accessing online resources – especially sites using streaming media.

This upgrade will also benefit academic and administrative users, who will have noticed an overall increase in performance of various Internet sites since the upgrade was put in place last year.

Technology Enchanced Classrooms (TEC) Additions and Enhancements
This summer, 10 new TEC classrooms were added, including Robinson 103, 105, 202, 204, 210, 211, 305, 323, Wilson 164, and Savitz 217.  Renovations in Robinson 312 and 325 included new LCD technologies, lectern and furniture and each computer station now features its own pop-up data and electric outlet.

In addition, TEC capable rooms in Robinson 121/122, 224/226, and 225/227 were combined to create higher capacity seating classrooms.

All TEC classrooms at Rowan feature HDMI projection, providing a more crisp viewing experience, with the exception of Rowan Hall, which is scheduled for completion in the next couple of year as part of a 3-year project plan.

Blackboard Now Up in the Cloud
Blackboard is now being hosted in the cloud by Blackboard, delivering students and faculty a more robust and responsive experience. Blackboard can now be accessed at  All Blackboard classes are archived up to 2 years.  If you have any questions on creating a new Blackboard course, Blackboard support, or help with moving courses to the new cloud-based Blackboard, contact support at

Starting in the spring, 2015 semester, Blackboard courses will automatically be issued for all classes – eliminating the need for Faculty to request a Blackboard course through Banner.

Introducing Kaltura -- Rowan's New Video Platform
Rowan’s new video platform, Kaltura, allows instructors to manage media (primarily video) within Blackboard and is also viewable on any device for flipped classes, instruction, and training. For further information on video capture and streaming, contact Academic Technology at

Merger of Glassboro and RowanSOM Departments of Academic Technology
In July, RowanSOM Educational Media Services (EMS) merged with Information Resources & Technology’s department of Academic Technology (AT).  Both units have successfully worked together for many years and the merger will ultimately allow for the provision of more resources and services for RowanSOM. This merger represents a change for the future in alignment with goals of Rowan University and AT services will not be negatively affected in any way, but rather, will only grow stronger through this merger.

Our goal is to more efficiently continue delivering innovative, high-quality solutions and support to our customers while simultaneously exploring opportunities to provide customers with additional or expanded services in AT.

RowanSOM's New Services and Technologies
Since July, Academic Technology (AT) has added the following services and technologies to the RowanSOM academic community:

  • Survey Responses Using Mobile DevicesThis summer, Rowan SOM’s implemented ResponseWare, an audience response system (ARS) that turns mobile devices into virtual clickers, allowing for interactive participation, attendance, polling and quizzing via smartphones or tablets. Students can now use smartphones to respond to formatted questions in PowerPoint, PowerPoint Polling or Anywhere Polling so they don't have to purchase and remember a physical clicker.  To use this application with unsupported devices such as Windows phones, tablets and laptops, students can download a free app for Android or iOS, students are also able to use unsupported devices such as Windows phones/tablets or laptops through the of ResponseWare at
  • Live Webcasting (Echo360 LiveCast & LiveStream) – RowanSOM uses a streaming server for the Echo360 lecture capture and live webcasting system to record every Year 1 and Year 2 class lectures all year long.  Lectures can be broadcasted securely in Blackboard, allowing students to review course content at any time.  Another feature of Echo360 is the live webcast/broadcast system that can broadcast live events within and outside the campus for training, ongoing CME series and for teaching and review.
  • LiveStream, a live broadcasting program which until recently was only available on the Glassboro campus, is now available to RowanSOM faculty and students.
  • Health and Medicine’s Annual Conference (TEDMED) – TEDMED is an annual conference focusing on health and medicine, with a year-round web based community. The intent of the conference has been described as “a gathering of geniuses” that brings together “some of the most innovative, thoughtful pioneers of healthcare technology, media, and entertainment into one big four-day ‘dinner party’ to learn from one another and mix people up from different disciplines and industries to solve big problems in healthcare.
  • Faculty Development Series (GET FED) – Get FED (Faculty Education and Development) series at RowanSOM is an inter-departmental faculty development program focusing on topics and areas of interest to faculty during monthly scheduled informal hands-on sessions that was conceived, initiated, overseen and administrated by RowanSOM Academic.

Upcoming Changes to FormFusion
Attention Accounts Payable, Bursar’s Office, Payroll Department, Purchasing Department, Registrar’s Office currently using FormFusion v1.9.  As of December 1, 2014, this program will no longer be available for use.  IRT will not be supporting Evisions for FormFusion v1.9 and will be instead running FormFusion 3.0 instead.  Affected users should email the Support Desk at for information on how to proceed.

Firefox No Longer an Official Supported Browser
Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported or installed by IRT.  Since Firefox is inherently designed as a consumer browser, its functionality in a managed environment such as ours can cause issues when running on desktops that have networked home drives.

To maximum our customers browsing experience, IRT officially supports Google Chrome and Internet Explorer for PC users, and Chrome and Safari for MAC users due to the flexibility of their management and compatibility in our current environment.

Data Warehouse and Data Store Now Open
The Rowan University Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Operational Data Store (ODS) has been now been implemented. As well, Cognos report writing tool has been implemented and reports are being converted from the old, non-supported Discoverer tool to Cognos. Training for Cognos is now available and the University community can contact Rolf Mikkelson at / 856.256.4179 or MaryBeth Hegel at / 856.256.4436 to arrange a training session.

Getting Your Data From Dashboards
Institutional Effective, Research & Planning (IERP) has developed several dashboards to visually present data about Rowan and more are on their way!  The completed dashboards are now available to the University community via

  • 10th Day Dashboard – The Fall 2014, 10th Day Census data is now available. This dashboard presents all official Rowan University census data. This enables you to conduct longitudinal analysis of data by enrollment, demographics, college, major, zip code and many other categories as of 10th day of the term.
  • Admissions Dashboard – This dashboard presents application and enrollment data and includes demographics, college, major, latest decision, high school and many other categories. It also includes a display for predicting the probability of enrollment of accepted freshmen applicants. This is updated daily in the morning.
  • International Admissions Dashboard – This dashboard presents application and admissions data for international prospects by demographics, term, latest decision and other categories. This is updated daily in the morning.
  • Graduation Dashboard – This dashboard presents graduation data (number of degrees awarded and number of students who earned degrees) by term or year, college, and major. This is updated daily in the morning.
  • Facilities Dashboard – This dashboard presents budget details and spending details for the Facilities Department by Fiscal Year, Fund, Org, Account, and Program. This is updated every hour.
  • Retention Dashboard – Coming later this fall.

Web-based Survey Tool Introduced
Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP) launched a new survey tool for University-wide use. Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool that can be used to capture survey results from a public survey or from users who are given access to the survey.  This new tool will assist faculty, staff, and students in collecting data for research projects and help assess user satisfaction with programs or services.

Change Management Committee Formed
In August 2014, the Information Security Office (ISO) held its initial Change Management Committee meeting.  The Committee was organized as a forum for IRT Managers to review upcoming changes to the IT environment and consider their potential impacts across the University.  This new process will assist IRT in seamlessly implementing technology changes with minimal impact to students, faculty, and staff.

HIPAA/FERPA Compliant Internet Storage Services Being Reviewed
Dropbox is a convenient Internet storage service for copying and accessing files and folders from computers, and mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. This convenience also poses risks to the University because it is not compliant (as it is used today) with all federal and state requirements. The Information Security Office (ISO) has started researching alternative solutions for Dropbox and its add-on components that would make it HIPAA and FERPA compliant. IRT will promote the new solution to the University community once it has been tested and approved to be compatible with Rowan’s information technology and in compliance with security requirements and regulations. 

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