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Information Resources and Technology

Information Resources and Technology (IRT) is responsible for ALL technology services available on the Glassboro, Camden and Stratford campuses of Rowan University. This consists of networking, email systems, telephones, web servers, computer labs, technology enhanced classrooms (TEC), Web for Students, Blackboard-CE and the list goes on.

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Information Resources and Technology is comprised of the following departments:



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The Support Desk

/ 856.256.4400
Fax / 856.256.4444

8 am - 5 pm,
Monday -Friday

The Support Desk is located in Memorial Hall on the South-Side of the Glassboro Campus.


Contact Info for IRT Tech Support Questions

To contact the main
IRT office, email irt@rowan.edu or call 856-245-4401.

For ALL technical support questions, please contact the Support Desk at 856-256-4400 or support@rowan.edu

The Support Desk is open 8 am - 5 pm (Hours are subject to change due to weather and/or other circumstances).

Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer oversees the day-to-day operations and provides overall leadership for the entire technology division at Rowan University.

  • Contact Information

    Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus

Dr. Mira Lalovic-Hand
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Jeanie Riebe
Managing Administrative Assistant to Dr. Hand

Cheryl O'Neill
Creative and Communication Services Coordinator

Clare Lafferty
Budget and Operations Specialist


Kathy Grady


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Academic Technology (AT)

Academic Technology (AT) supports all client-side academic technologies across all academic venues at Rowan. AT is responsible for supporting TEC (Technology Enhanced) classrooms; computers in Rowan computing venues; student printing; Blackboard learning management system; multimedia such as simulations, audio, video, and streaming technologies; and hybrid and flipped instruction.

  • Contact Information

Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus


Neil Toporski
Director, Academic Technology

Elaine Watson

Ted Colanduno Audio/Visual and TEC classrooms 856-256-4482
Mike Dorris Internal Application Specialist 856-256-4488
Shalanda Gray Support, Camden Campus 856-756-5405
Robert Elsey Support, College of Business 856-256-5436
Mike Benson Support, College of Communications & Creative Arts 856-256-4021
Azi Hamou-Lhadj Support, College of Engineering 856-256-4585
James Etheridge Support, College of Engineering 856-256-5383
Harry Marino Support, College of Graduate & Continuing Education 856-256-4591
Dan Marzin Support, Blackboard 856-256-5386
Karlton Hughes Multimedia 856-256-4589
Eileen Stutzbach Faculty Training 856-256-4584
Joe Radino Lab Coordinator 856-256-4487
Joshua Grochowski System Specialist 856-256-5184
Eric Cecilio Audio/Visual 856-256-4492


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Clinical Systems and Project Management

Clinical Systems provides system support of the practice management and electronic medical record in support of the Faculty Practice Plan at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM). Clinical Solutions services include consultation, design, implementation, maintenance, support and new initiatives.

Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus
RowanSOM/Stratford campus


David Gabriele

Lori Smith
Assistant Director, Clinical Systems

Kimberly Bowe
Administrative Coordinator

Verna Bullock-Lewis Project Analyst 856-256-4005
Kelly Levinson Trainer  

Clinical Systems

JoAnne Sietz Clinical Systems Analyst 856-566-2068
Jerry Neale Clinical Systems Analyst  
John Fanok Clinical Systems Analyst 856-566-2867
Shannon Mastroianni Clinical Systems Analyst  
Paul Donaghy Clinical Systems Analyst 856-566-7072
Gyanni Pate Clinical Systems Analyst  

Business Systems

Larissa Kramer Business Systems Analyst 856-566-2720
Bob Danchisko Business Systems Analyst  
William Grable Business Systems Analyst  
Monica Burke Business Systems Analyst  


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Enterprise Information Services (EIS)

The EIS department is responsible for the technical support necessary to implement and maintain the University’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and for developing or implementing and maintaining adjunct and ancillary systems required outside of the ERP system to meet additional institutional information needs necessary to carry out the mission of Rowan.

  • Contact Information

    Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus

James Henderson
Assistant Vice President, EIS

Anne Pinder
Assistant Director, EIS

Irene Mathieson
Administrative Assistant

University Support Systems Services

Stewart M. Clamen Information Services Analyst 856-256-4145
David Coltri Information Services Analyst 856-256-4177
Karen DeLabar Information Services Analyst 856-256-4500 x3414
David Halloran Information Systems Analyst 856-256-5731
Roy Lee Information Systems Analyst 856-256-5737
David Lewis Information Services Analyst 856-256-4183
Himadri Patel Information Services Analyst 856-256-4186
Arafat Ahmad Qureshi Information Systems Analyst 856-256-5736
Arash Rahimgol Information Systems Analyst 856-256-4174
Ravi Thapa Report Writer 856-256-5729
Susan Winski Information Analyst Report Writer 856-256-4287
Aiting Wang-Wolf Web Analyst 856-256-5488
Scott Simon Applications Systems Analyst 856-256-5728
Mark Zeits Applications Systems Analyst 856-256-5733

Campus Database Administrator Services

Redmond English Lead Campus Database Administrator 856-256-4441
Elizabeth Mitchell-Brown Campus Database Administrator 856-256-4273
John Bruno Campus Database Administrator 856-256-5727
Mark Pingol Campus Database Administrator 856-256-5732
Karen Walko Campus Database Administrator 856-256-4184

Technical Operations Services/Database Security/Workflow

Magdalena Natal Fennal Coord. of Tech Operations Services 856-256-4500 x3481
Frank Comstock Workflow Analyst 856-256-5738
Terry Mora Lead Technical Support Specialist 856-256-4500 x3484
Stella Welcer Workflow Analyst 856-256-5739

Training Services

IRT Training Services offers a variety of training opportunities pertaining to SCT Banner, Faculty Self Service, Student Work Study, and more. We strive to meet the diverse learning styles of the campus community ranging from traditional classroom setting, open help sessions pertaining to a specific topic, and extensive online resources.

IRT Training Services maintained 170 training resources available at www.rowan.edu/irt-training including written materials, 5-minute videos, computer based training, recommended books, and website links.

To contact IRT Training Services, please email irt-training@rowan.edu

Debbi Denton Technical Trainer 856-256-4500 x3444
Marybeth Hegel Technical Trainer 856-256-4436
Rolf Mikkelson Technical Trainer / Process Improvement Analyst 856-256-4179
Denise Ruggieri Training Assistant 856-256-4458


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Information Security Office (ISO)

The Information Security Office's main initiative is to:

    • provide security governance and oversight of Rowan's Information Resources and Technology
    • develop and implement new information security policies, procedures and standards as needed
    • oversee the protection of Rowan's student, faculty, employee and patient data
    • ensure compliance with Rowan's policies, state and federal regulation and reporting requirements
  • Contact Information

Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus


John Angelastro
Assistant Vice President / Chief Information Security Officer

Melody Gervasi-Malone

Information Security Analyst

Mike S. Davie Manager, Information Security Architecture 856-256-5723
Nick Marchesani Manager, Information Security Risk Management 856-256-4665
Michael Young Manager, Information Security Monitoring 856-256-5722


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Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP)

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP) is Rowan University's official source for all data and statistics used for assessment, state and federal reporting, and more. If you don't find what you're looking for on our site, please contact us or submit an online data request. We have the information to power tomorrow's decisions.
David Corum Operations Research Analyst 856-256-5159
June Ragone Operations Research Analyst 856-256-5154
Bharathwaj Vijayakumar Operations Research Analyst 856-256-5188
Christopher Taylor Operations Research Analyst 856-256-5119
Mani Sakthivel Business Intelligence Analyst 856-256-5165
Dan Destro Data Warehouse Administrator 856-256-5152


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Network and System Services (NSS)

Network and System Services (NSS) is responsible for all computer networking on-campus including file and print servers, web servers, the internet connection, email systems and all computer/printer repair, installation and support.

  • Contact Information

Memorial Hall/Glassboro campus


Bruce Klein
Director, NSS  

Mark Sedlock
Associate Director, NSS


Maciej Sobolewski
Security Specialist

Systems Group

Lewis Branin System Administrator 856-256-4496
Stephen Cribb System Administrator  
Ken Denton System Administrator 856-256-4380
Jason Faulcon System Administrator 856-256-4407
Christine Gangloff System Administrator 856-256-4169
Joe Lisowski System Administrator 856-256-4185
John Powers System Administrator 856-256-4412

Networking Group

Carol Bonney Network Administrator 856-256-4471
Harold Garron Network Administrator 856-256-4449
John Lyden Network Administrator  856-256-4479
Kelly Russell Network Administrator 856-256-4408
Kathryn Tenerelli Network Administrator 856-256-4447
Robert Rivera Network Administrator  

Device Management

Ted Karapalides Associate Director 856-256-4426
Dan Giovanisci System Administrator 856-256-4419
Mark Melanson System Administrator  
Kevin Miller System Administrator   

Repair and Installation

Marc Fleischner Associate Director, Installation & Repair 856-256-4471
David Evans Technical Support Specialist 856-256-4493
Bob Mathieson Technical Support Specialist 856-256-4414
Chad Lafferty Technical Support Specialist 856-256-4495

Support Desk

Ife Azikiwe Coordinator 856-256-4178
Dannia Amico Support Specialist 856-256-4400
Janine King Support Specialist 856-256-4400
Rich Farally Support Specialist 856-256-4446
Paul Wallash Support Specialist 856-256-4406
Steven Weiss Support Specialist 856-256-4400


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