Cable TV

Television is available via coaxial cable in each residential unit as well as over IP-TV. Televisions that don't have an internal digital tuner that supports Clear QAM will need an external tuner.


How to connect your television

You will need the following:

  • Cable ready television with a QAM tuner

  • Manufacturer's instructions for the television

  • A 3-10 foot coaxial cable

Step 1
Find the cable television connection in your room. It will be in a white or stainless steel faceplate. There may be old, inactive cable jacks in the room too. Please don't try to use them.

Step 2
Connect one side of your coaxial cable to the connection on the wall.

Step 3
Connect the other side of the coaxial cable to the back of your television.

Step 4
Turn your television on.

Enter the television menu using the Menu button on your remote.

In the settings, set it for "Cable" rather than "antenna" or "terrestrial."

Check to see if there is a setting for Digital vs Analog. If there is, make sure it is set to Digital. (This setting may also be called QAM)

Once this is done, have your TV automatically scan for channels.

NOTE: If you do not know how to accomplish any of these steps, please refer to your Owners Manual. If you do not have one, check the model number of your TV (usually located on a sticker in the back) and you find your appropriate manual.

Online TV Manuals:

: You may not have a QAM tuner in your TV. Please call the manufacturer to verify that your TV model does indeed have a QAM tuner and not just an antenna tuner.

External Tuner

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A QAM TUNER you will need to purchase an external tuner.

Watch Online

Watch Rowan TV on your computer

Available Internet TV Channels:

 The Weather Channel
 Food Network
 Cartoon Network
 FOX Movie Channel
 Discovery Channel
 ABC Family
 Comedy Central
 Rowan Events Channel 
 RTN - Rowan Television Network 














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Channel Listings

See the most up to date listings at ZAP2it

Channel Line Ups

SD Lineup Channel

 Channel Guide 2
 CBS - KYW 3
 Rowan Events Channel  4
 RTN - Rowan Television Network  5
 NBC - WCAU 10
 PBS - WHYY 12
 MNT - WPHL 17
 FOX - WTFX 29
 ION - WPPX 31
 ETV - WYBE 35
 PBS - WLVT 39
 UNI - WUVP 65
 A&E 100
 ABC Family 101
 American Movie Classics 102
 Animal Planet 103
 BET 104
 Biography Channel 105
 Bloomberg 106
 Bravo 107
 Cartoon Network 108
 CBS College Sports 109
 Chiller 110
 CNBC 111
 CNN Headline News 112
 CNN 113
 Comedy Central 114
 Cooking Channel 115
 Country Music Television 116
 CSPAN 117
 Current TV 118
 Discovery Channel 119
 Discovery Fit and Health 120
 Documentary Channel 121
 E! Entertainment 122
 ESPN 2 123
 ESPN Classic 124
 ESPN News 125
 ESPN U 126
 ESPN 127
 F/X 128
 Food Network 129
 FOX Business 130
 FOX Movie Channel 131
 FOX News 132
 Fuel 133
 FUSE 134
 Game Show Network 135
 HGTV 136
 History Channel 137
 History International 138
 Independent Film Channel 139
 Investigation Discovery 140
 Lifetime Movie Network 141
 Major League Baseball 142
 Military Channel 143
 MSNBC 144
 MTV 145
 MTV2 146
 MTV-U 147
 NASA 148
 National Geographic Wild 149
 National Geographic 150
 NBA 151
 NFL Network 152
 NHL Network 153
 Nickelodeon 154
 Science Channel 155
 Speed 156
 Spike 157
 Syfy 158
 TBN 159
 TBS 160
 The Learning Channel 161
 The Weather Channel 162
 TNT 163
 Travel Channel 164
 truTV 165
 TV Land 166
 USA 167
 Versus 168
 VH1 Classic 169
 VH1 170

HD Channel Lineup

 ABC - WPVI HD 200
 ABC Family HD 201
 CBS - KYW HD 202
 Comedy Central HD 203
 Discovery Channel HD 204
 FOX - WTCF HD 205
 FX HD 206
 MTV HD 207
 NBC - WCAU HD 208
 TBS HD 209
 TNT HD 210
 USA HD 211



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