Handheld Computers (PDA's)

Handheld Computers, or PDA's are small computers used to keep calendar and contact information, as well as run simple applications. We have put together the following recommendations to assist you in purchasing your PDA.

It is very important that you read all the information on this page before deciding which device is best for you!

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Recommended Devices

Information Resources currently recommends the Dell Axim running the Pocket PC Operating System for both PC and Mac users. Mac users would also have to purchase Pocket Mac or similar product for syncing their device. As of August 2005, this device is selling for between $200 and $600 depending on the model. We DO NOT recommend purchasing any Palm OS based devices. Please contact the Support Desk for other alternatives.

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Supported Operating System & Applications

Information Resources supports any handheld running the PocketPC operating system. These include devices from Dell and HP.

We support the applications that come on your handheld. We do NOT support anything you may add. The supported applications include Address Book, Date Book, Expense, Memo Pad and To Do List.

Additionally, we do support the Mail program. However, storing more than twenty (20) messages on your device will cause problems. If you have a lot of messages, we DO NOT recommend you use the e-mail feature.

We do not recommend getting a Palm OS based device.

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About Syncing

What is Syncing?

"Syncing" is the process of sharing information between your desktop computer and your handheld. Among the information shared is your Calendar, To Do Lists, Contacts and E-mail.

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Requirements for Syncing

If you have a PC, all you need is a current version of Outlook. ActiveSync, the Pocket PC syncing program will come with your device.

If you have a Macintosh and wish to sync with a Pocket PC, we recommend purchasing a product such as "PocketMac" which will "modify" your PocketPC to Mac compatible device.

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Calendar Proxy

If other people keep your calendar for you, it is very important to understand that whomever the handheld is registered to is responsible for syncing the handheld! This does NOT mean that you can not have multiple people making changes to your calendar. For more information on this feature, please contact the Support Desk.

Please contact the Support Desk with any questions that you may have. We recommend contacting us BEFORE you purchase a handheld so that we can help you get the one that is best for you. The Support Desk can be reached at extension 4400 or support@rowan.edu.

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Still Have Questions?

Search our Knowledgebase or Contact the Support Desk at 856.256.4400 /support@rowan.edu

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