Mac OSX 10.4 Application Server and ARD Installation Instructions

1. From the Mac Desktop (Finder), select "Go" from the top menu, then select "Connect to Server."

2. A window similar to this will pop-up. In the box for "Server Address:" type the following: and then click "Connect"

3. You will then be presented with this dialog box. Make sure the option next to "Connect as:" is selected as "Registered User". In the name box, type your ROWAN NETWORK USERNAME (e.g. the name you use to log in to a Windows PC with the Novell Login Screen). In the password box, type your ROWAN NETWORK PASSWORD (e.g. your password for your Rowan network/email username), then click "Connect".

4. This popup box will then appear. Select "data2" and click "OK".

5. You will see "data2" appear, and an icon will show up on your desktop. Double click on the folder "NetworkApplications" to continue.

6. After double clicking on "NetworkApplications" you will see this folder. Before installing any of the applications, you must run "FacultySetup.dmg" first.

7. After double-clicking on "FacultySetup.dmg", an icon will appear on your desktop that says "Faculty-KeyClientSetup" and another window will open with the file "KeyClientSetup.mkpg" in it. Double click on this file to run it.

8. A dialog box may pop up, click "Continue" and you will be presented with this screen, welcoming you to the Rowan University Keyserver Client Installer. Click "Continue" to move to the next screen. You will be presented with a license agreement, and you must click "Agree" to continue installing the software.

9. After accepting the license agreement, this screen will allow you to choose the hard drive to install to. Select your primary hard drive, which in most cases is named "Macintosh HD", then click "Continue" to move to the next step.

10. Click "Install". You will be prompted to enter the personal username and password for your Mac, NOT your Rowan network username.

11. You must now enter information to identify your computer. The example shown is for a faculty member whose last name is "Miller", with an office in Memorial Hall, room 123. If this is the only computer that you are registering for Rowan applications, input a "1" for computer number. If there are multiple computers in your office, make sure to number each sequentially. Verify the information is correct and select "OK" to complete the installation.

12. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Save any open documents and select "Restart" to restart your computer. After restarting, repeat steps 1 through 5, and install any of the available software you wish to use.

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