Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)

About the TEC Classrooms
The Department of Instructional Technology Services (ITS) maintains a number of technology-enhanced classrooms in every academic building. TEC rooms are generally equipped with:

  • TEC Room Networked Computer (Mac and/or PC)
  • CD/DVD Player
  • VCR**
  • ELMO Document Imaging Camera*
  • Projector with Controllable Screen
  • Touch Screen Control

*Note: Not all features listed above are available
in every TEC Classroom.

**Note: VCRs are being discontinued and will not be available in the near future. ITS recommends requesting instructional content to be in the DVD medium. If unavailable, ITS can dub VHS content onto DVD discs when copyright permissions are obtained by faculty through the appropriate channels.

Faculty can schedule TEC classrooms through the Registrar's Office website:

Directions for using the TEC Classrooms

Click on one of the following links for more information, photographs and directions for using the TEC classrooms (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). Note: The TEC Classroom user manuals have recently been updated (November 2008):

Bozorth Hawthorn Westby
Bunce Robinson Wilson
Campbell Library Savitz *Troubleshooting Tips
Education Hall Science Hall *Using a USB Drive

Click here to view the Technology Tips PowerPoint

Click here to view the new TEC Classroom Online Training Tutorial. Note:These tutorials are password protected. Rowan username and password is required.

new TEC Classroom Online Training Tutorial. Note:

Click here to view the new Quick Start Guide (pdf) for all classrooms on Rowan's campus, except Bozorth 29, Bunce 107, Westby 135, Wilson 212 and Science Hall.

Click here to view the new Quick Start Guide (pdf) for Science Hall.

(Updated September 4, 2008)

Using a USB drive in a TEC Classroom

Click on one of the following links for more information:

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Troubleshooting Guide

I touch the AMX or Crestron screen but nothing happens.
Try touching the screen harder or try touching the screen in the bottom right hand corner.

I don't know the passcode.
Contact Eileen Stutzbach in Instructional Technology,, for training and passcode.

I can't log on to the network.
Be sure “Workstation Only” is NOT checked.

If you are still unable to log on to the network and you do not need access to the Rowan network, or if you do not have a Rowan Account, you can still use the PC and Projector. To do so, check Workstation Only. Then type Guest into the Username field, and type guest into the Password field. Click OK.

Where do I plug in the cable for my laptop?
The power, network, audio and VGA connections on the laptop plate at the top of the cabinet. The cables are in the black metal rack drawer on the shelf beneath the VCR and DVD players.

The image displays on my laptop but not on the screen.
You need to activate your Laptop's External Monitor Port.
Activate Your Laptop's External Monitor List (This website is not associated with Rowan University).

The network is down and I'm unable to launch windows.
Check Workstation Only. Then type Guest into the Username field, and type guest into the Password field. Click OK.

The PC displays on the computer screen but not through the projector.
Cycle the inputs to reset: Push the VCR on the Touch screen, and then choose PC.

The cabinets do not unlock.
The TEC room doors are unlocked electronically. Did you hear a click? If so, the door may be slightly out of alignment. Try pushing or pulling the door a bit to center the door for the pin to unlock.

I just exited the system and want to turn it back on.
The projector needs to completely cool down before you can re-enter the system. This will take several minutes.

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