Outlook 2007


Color-coding Appointments

Color categories let you organize your Outlook items by

color, making it easier to distinguish between different

types of information. In the Calendar, you can color-code

your appointments, meetings, and events.


Assign a color category

By default, you have eight color categories to choose



1. Select the appointment, meeting or event you want to

color-code and click the Categorize button on the

Standard toolbar. A list of color categories appears.


2. Select a color category from the list. The selected color is applied to the appointment.


Other Ways to Color-code an Item:

Right-click the item you want to color-code, point

to Categorize in the contextual menu, and select a

color category from the list.

Rename a color category

You can rename Outlook’s color categories to meet your



1. Click the Categorize button on the Standard toolbar

and select All Categories. The Color Categories dialog box appears.


2. Click the color category you wish to rename, and

click Rename.


3. Type a new name for the category, and click OK

when you’re finished.



To learn more about your calendar, get help by visiting…..


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*Using the Calendar (Web link—online class)



*Offered through CustomGuide. Read the directions for more information on how to work with CustomGuide.




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