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The Rowan University logo family
The Rowan University logo family is a flexible set of type and art options that will suit virtually every need for a Rowan signature. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Only the stacked, offset version may be used on stationery items. Purchase your letterhead, envelopes and business cards from a printer who has agreed to our standards on quality, color, paper stock and style so you can be assured of the best product at the best price. Non-approved vendors will not be paid for work, nor will individuals or departments be reimbursed for such purchases.
Be sure to use the right file format for your project. Contact University Publications for the video, web and print versions of the logo which have technical features to ensure good quality reproduction in each medium.
If your project is a promotional item (a coffee mug, tote bag, pen, apparel or other item), it might be best to use art (other than the logo) that allows for these products’ special imprinting areas. Please check with University Publications about custom imprints and using a vendor who will comply with our standards.

Our John Hancock
The logo should be used as an identifying mark that shows affiliation with the University. Using the logo as a "signature element" (at a relatively small size) shows the relationship between the University and its offices, departments, programs, outreach, etc. (i.e., Department of English or The Graduate School). The name of your unit should appear beneath the Rowan logo as part of the unit’s contact information or by itself.

Logo standards
The logo should appear on the front or back of a publication or project as a subtle but consistent reminder of a relationship with the University.
Use only one of the variations provided on the Logo Downloads page. Don’t try to use different configurations of the art and type or attempt to change one to suit your project.
The logo may not appear with another exempt entity logo or the University seal.
To help show the affiliation between the University and its offices, departments and programs (i.e., Department of English or The Graduate School), the name of a unit may appear with the Rowan logo in the typographic design specified in the Graphic Standards for identifiying Rowan units.
The encircled torch may not appear by itself without authorization from University Publications.
Individual unit logos may not be used on letterhead and business cards, except as mentioned in Exemptions.
Use the logo at a minimum width of 4 picas, or 2/3 inch, as long as you use the entire image and the words, “Rowan University” are legible.
The logo may be embossed, stamped, screened into a background, reversed to white or reproduced in any of these colors:
brown (see University colors)
gold (see University colors)
gold foil (No. 817)
Special reproductions such as embroidery and engraving are possible, too. Please contact University Publications if you’d like more information about these options.
The logo should not be printed over photographs or artwork with great detail or high contrast. When the logo appears over a photo, it may not be more than 40 percent in neutral density where the logo is placed.
The logo should be positioned such that the clear area surrounding the logo remains at least the radius of the circle.


The Rowan family of logos



If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the University's Graphic Standards, please contact the University Publications staff:
  , AVP, University Relations, 856-256-4197
  , Assistant Director, 856-256-4153
  , Graphic Designer, 856-256-4267
  , Manager of Visual Assets, 856-256-4212
  , Operations Coordinator, 856-256-5721
  Debra Denton , Project Coordinator, 856-256-4500 x53016
  Thuy Vo , Graphic Designer, 856-256-4500 x53354
  Judy Haraburda , Graphic Designer, 856-256-4500 x53014