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Strategic Planning

Rowan University

PROFessional of the Month Recipients 2015-2016

August 2016: Chad Lafferty, IRT Workshop Coordinator and Field Computer Technician

Congratulations to Rowan University’s August PROFessional of the Month, Chad Lafferty!

According to his nominations, Chad always goes the extra mile for those needing assistance in the IRT workshop and will often go out on campus to assist those that can’t make it into the workshop. Chad also provided major leadership in IRT’s recent move to the new location in Memorial Hall while having zero down time for customers at the Repair Center. The Workshop has become an invaluable service for the Campus, and Chad’s leadership is a big reason.

Thank you, Chad, for all that you do!

July 2016: Ashley Shaw, Assistant Director for Housing Systems and Logistics

Congratulations to Rowan University’s July PROFessional of the Month, Ashley Shaw!

According to her nominations, Ashley continues to tirelessly go above and beyond for Residence Life and the University. For example, during freshman orientation, Ashley leads an army of student workers to accomplish the check in process for each of the 10 Orientation sessions. Arriving before 6 AM each morning she greets the team of about 20 with a smile and a motivated attitude to set up the tables, tents, signs, and organize the administrative process to accomplish the check in for over 300 new students. Ashley knows that for many of the students and their families, our staff could be the first interaction they have with Rowan, so she makes sure they leave with a great first impression. On these days, Ashley puts in a full day of work before many of us stop for lunch and she does it with a smile and infectious positivity.

Thank you, Ashley, for all that you do!

June 2016: Christine Willse, Associate Director for Financial Aid, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Congratulations to Rowan University’s June PROFessional of the Month, Christine Willse!

According to her nominations, Christine is “a pillar of dedication, strength, persistence, and hard work for not just financial aid but for the entire institution of Rowan SOM. She has donated ALL of her spare time to ensure the continued success of our school. Whether it is helping students to plan for tuition, room and board or the next meal, Christine approaches every concern in such a dynamic fashion that she has been sought out by our students.”

Thank you, Christine, for all that you do!

May 2016: Donna Donnelly, Scholarship Coordinator and Rowan University Foundation Assistant

Congratulations to Rowan University’s May PROFessional of the Month, Donna Donnelly!

In addition to serving as scholarship coordinator and Rowan University Foundation assistant, during the month of May, Donna was the planner and organizer of the President’s Hospitality Tent for Commencement Week 2016. Donna oversaw the VIP area for eight ceremonies over five days in three distinct venues. Leading a team of 25 volunteers, Donna organized the regalia needed for each ceremony, set up the amenities table, coordinated and trained volunteers, and greeted and assisted University administrators, honored guests and faculty members.

“She did her job with strategic planning, anticipation, problem solving, professionalism and patience,” a nominator said of Donna. Added another nominator: “The most amazing art of Donna’s work is that she always focused on quality, is willing to lend a hand, and completes tasks with a positive attitude.”

Thank you, Donna, for all you do.

April 2016: Rhiannon (Rio) Napoli, Assistant Director, Chamberlain Student Center

Congratulations to Rowan University’s April PROFessional of the month, Rhiannon (Rio) Napoli!

Rio is an Assistant Director for the Chamberlain Student Center. According to her nominations, her recent initiatives have made a significant impact on student engagement and inclusion. She created and implemented a club resource space that has provided students with greater involvement opportunities. She also initiated a collaborative diversity program that included student performances, videos and on-stage storytelling. According to one student email, "Rio is so caring and always thinks about how she can improve the Student Center to make it a place students feel comfortable and want to be."

Thank you, Rio, for all you do.

March 2016: Officer James Wilson, Public Safety, CMSRU

Congratulations to Rowan University’s March PROFessional of the month, Officer James Wilson!

Officer Wilson is a security officer for Public Safety at CMSRU. According to the nomination, Officer Wilson has been commended for his actions when responding to burglaries which resulted in arrests and return of stolen property. Additionally he received recognition for his efforts in assisting with the CMSRU MEDacademy last summer, as well as the services he provided during the recent LCME accreditation process.

Thank you, Jim, for all you do.

February 2016: Keith Johnson, Director of the Planetarium, College of Science and Math

Congratulations to Rowan University’s February PROFessional of the month, Keith Johnson!

Keith is the Director of the Planetarium, part of the College of Science and Math. According to the nomination, Keith routinely goes out of his way to offer services to the Rowan community well beyond his duties. As Director, he is charged with creating educational K-12 programming to more than 6,000 students across South Jersey, working with undergraduates, and presenting public planetarium shows, yet he has added so much more to his position and, in turn, the Rowan experience. Keith has single-handedly made the Edelman Planetarium a “must-see” attraction in South Jersey, helping to put Rowan “on the map” during his tenure here.

Thank you, Keith, for all you do.

December/January 2016: Laura Ruthig, Administrative Assistant, Department of Geography and Environment

Laura’s hard work and hospitality is magnetic, attracting students, faculty and staff. Most recently, Laura put a tremendous amount of care into the hosting of Dr. Marv Creamer for the Endeavor memorial dedication ceremony. Laura is a true team player who is trusted and appreciated by colleagues, students, and parents. Thank you, Laura, for all you do!

November 2015: Danielle Roberts, Social Media Coordinator for Web Services

Danielle is the social media coordinator for the web services department. According to the nomination, Danielle is not only responsive to students’ needs, but her responsiveness serves as a model for other colleges and universities to follow. Danielle is a true team player who is trusted and appreciated by colleagues, students, and parents. Thank you, Danielle, for all you do!

October 2015: Michael Whiting, EOF/MAP counselor

Michael received multiple nominations relating to his work with students in EOF/MAP. According to those who nominated him, Michael goes above and beyond every day for students, he actively participates in community service, provides staff training, works with a variety of offices to resolve issues, and “NEVER turns anyone away who comes seeking his help.” Michael is a true team player and trusted and appreciated by colleagues, students, and parents. Thank you, Michael, for all you do!