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Strategic Planning

Rowan University

Strategic Priorities Council Membership




Academic Affairs

Roberta Harvey (co-chair)

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Student Life

Drew Tinnin (co-chair)

Director of Student Orientation & Leadership Programs

Strategic Enrollment Management

Rory McElwee

Vice President for for Enrollment & Student Success


Chris D'Angelo

Director of Alumni Engagement


Gabby Lisella

Assistant Athletic Director


Jocelyn Mitchell-Williams

Associate Dean for Diversity & Community Affairs

Equity and Diversity

Bindu Jayne

Asst. Vice President of Equity and Diversity / Title IX Coordinator

Facilities, Planning & Operations

Arijit De

Senior Director for Campus Planning


Michael Blake

Director of Financial Planning

Global Learning & Partnerships

Lorraine Ricchezza

Executive Director, Office of Graduate and Degree Completion Studies

General Counsel

Monica Sabnis

Assistant General Counsel

Human Resources

Jeremy Trowsdale

Director of Employee Learning and Development

Information Resources & Technology

Jeffrey Fields

Data Standards Analyst

Public Safety

Mike Kantner

Assistant Vice President of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management


Sarah Piddington

Assistant Vice President for Research


Christine Beswick

Director of Planning, Program Development and Special Projects

University Relations

Barbara Baals

Assistant Director, Media & Public Relations

University Senate

Bill Freind

President, University Senate and Associate Professor, Department of English