Domain Management

Purchasing domains has become quite a hot topic on campus.  Unfortunately at this time, no one is permitted to purchase "Rowan...(dot com, dot org, etc.)" domain(s) without the consent of University Web Services and the Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management. If consent is granted, the registration will be purchased and maintained through University Web Services.

Our identity as an institution is very precious and we must all ensure the sanctity of the brand. Having multiple "" domains not only causes brand degradation but also inhibits our ability to maintain our internet rankings, among many other issues.
If you currently maintain a Rowan domain outside the auspices of we ask that you contact Web Services to discuss setting up a transfer of said domain(s). We have currently been experiencing a rash of incidents where staff/students have left Rowan and in turn, the login information to the various domain management companies has left with them. This then renders these URL's inoperable if/when changes are made server-side at Rowan.

If you feel you have valid rationale for procuring such a domain for your area, we ask that you submit a statement of justification to Web Services.  This should include the requested domain name, its Rowan web destination and why it's necessary.
Please visit to submit your justification for procuring a domain name and/or to submit information regarding any URL's you or your department/office may currently be managing.  We would also be happy to provide further clarification on the topic if necessary.  Please email us at