Rowan University's web presence is a diverse compilation of all aspects of campus life.  While it is important to accurately reflect our community, it is also essential that the Rowan Website and social media accounts link all aspects of this community in a professional manner, consistent with the University’s Mission and image.  The highest level of quality and continuity must be maintained amongst all official websites/pages and social media accounts in order to advance Rowan's mission as a research university dedicated to excellence in the integration of teaching, research and service.  For this reason there are a number of technical, aesthetic and content guidelines to which Rowan Website and social media account managers must adhere. 

While we encourage you to read all of our policies cover to cover (c'mon, it's fun!), below is a bulleted list of shortcuts to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Domains
  • --> Can I have Rowan.edu/X?
  • --> I want to buy RowanX.com
  • --> Can I have a subdomain, for example, bacon.rowan.edu?