The Team

While we have contact information for the entire web team on this page, we encourage you to submit specific requests for assistant at  This form emails the entire group so we can expedite your request to the best of our ability.

Jennifer Bell, Director / 856.256.4410

Frank Troiani, Assistant Director/Lead Developer / 856.256.4410

Kyle Corrigan, Web Developer / 856.256.4410

Ryan Duca, Web Developer / 856.256.4410

Rory Grossman, User Experience Information Architect / 856.256.4410

Carol Primas-Young, Project Coordinator / 856.256.4410

Danielle Roberts, Social Media Coordinator / 856.256.4410

Harriet Whitlock, Web Developer / 856.256.4410


Part-Time Staff

Tori Russell, Social Media Team / 856.256.4410

Student Workers

Jason Cantrell, Student Blogger/Writer

Elle Krout, Student Blogger/Writer

Francesca Schiavo, Student Blogger/Writer