About Rowan Choice

Rowan Choice offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to gain a residential college experience at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to a partnership with Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) students enrolled in Rowan Choice earn 24-30 college credits through RCGC, while taking classes at and living on Rowan University’s campus, saving a significant amount.

Students fully participate in the on campus experience, with access to facilities and student-life activities, with the exception of traveling sports clubs, NCAA Division III athletics and Greek life. However, students are welcome to play for any of RCGC’s nationally recognized NJCAA Division III teams.

Student Success Stories


Madison, Rowan choice student


Elementary Education

I love that through Rowan Choice I am able to experience the campus and student life at both Rowan University and Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC). I like seeing my friends on both college campuses, too. I wanted to go to a college where you needed to take a shuttle from different campuses, so choosing to be in this program worked perfectly in my favor.

With Rowan Choice, I had opportunity to get ahead as a freshman and take Human Exceptionality at RCGC, which is a class in my major. My advisor customized my schedule because I was exempt from English 101, after taking the advanced placement test.

I aspire to be a teacher because I think it is such a rewarding career to shape future generations. It makes me feel like I'm making an impact that will last lifetimes. I would love to teach third or fourth grade. I think it's a great age. The students are funny, respectful, and enjoy school at the elementary level.

The Elementary Education Club definitely gives me more insight in becoming a teacher. I find it very helpful socializing with future teachers who are going through the same process as me. I've made a lot of friends. The Rowan Arts Collective organization also puts me around people with my interests. Clubs are a great way to connect with people and make friends. I appreciate living on campus more because I can experience this social aspect.

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Nick, Rowan choice student


Health & Physical Education

Through applying to Rowan University, I stumbled upon the brand new Rowan Choice program. When my family and I learned about the program’s tuition savings, it became a no brainer that I would do it. There is so much to do at Rowan. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. No one knows we’re any different because we really aren’t. We just pay less.

I have a lot of friends who are traditional Rowan students. Being a part of the program doesn’t make my experience any different from my friends. I am still able be involved in the same clubs and organizations as them. I am the manager of men’s basketball team. Of the three sports I played in high school –football, basketball and baseball – basketball was my favorite. I want to be a gym teacher at my alma mater Woodstown High School one day. I would also like to coach any sport I used to play, but if the opportunity to coach basketball came that would be awesome.

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Alyssa, Rowan choice student


Law & Justice and Business

As soon as I came to Rowan, I loved how it made me feel at home. I am so thankful that my high school guidance counselor introduced me to Rowan Choice. This program allows me to have an on campus college experience at an affordable price. I am essentially a dual citizen at Rowan and RCGC.

Another reason why I chose Rowan was that they have two great programs that I want to study: law and justice and business. My career aspiration is to be a lawyer. I believe in protecting those who can't defend themselves and upholding the law. I would love to open my own firm someday.

I decided to double major in law and justice and business after taking electives in high school and researching possible career paths. I don’t want to limit myself. I also chose to minor in psychology. I was inspired by my psychology professor who took the time to explain how people think, behave in certain situations and why it may occur. I believe that my double major and minor will make me a more dynamic person.

I am very focused on following my dreams and making them a reality. I think it’s important to always believe in yourself. You should never give up if you face obstacles along the way. It is your job to overcome them and succeed.

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Program Details


  • Classes fulfill general education requirements mandated by Rowan University
  • Instruction provided by RCGC faculty
  • Rowan Choice students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Upon successful completion, students enter Rowan as fully matriculated sophomores and may declare their majors upon completing 24-30 credits
  • Classes are held on both the Rowan University campus in the Enterprise Center and the RCGC campus (shuttle transportation provided)


  • The average cost of Rowan Choice was approximately $18,000 for an in-state student during the 2016-2017 academic year. This includes tuition, fees and room & board.
  • Total cost of attendance will vary depending on housing and meal plan choices.
  • The average cost of Rowan Choice for an out-of-state student during the 2016-2017 academic year was $20,000.
  • The average cost of Rowan Choice for international students during the 2016-2017 academic year was $22,000.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Students must indicate RCGC on their FAFSA form (Federal School Code: 006901)
  • Financial aid awarded through RCGC
  • Students may apply for scholarships through the RCGC Foundation; visit for deadlines and information

Admission & Application

  • To be considered for the program students must first apply to the university through the Common Application
  • Open to all freshmen/first time applicants; however, seats are limited
  • Upon receipt of completed application, the university will send a Rowan Choice interest form via email
  • Once accepted into the program, students must confirm their enrollment in the program with a $400 non-refundable deposit
  • The deposit deadline for the program was May 1st

Availability for Fall 2020

Enrollment for Rowan Choice is now open.

Total Students:286 Available Seats: 214


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