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Rowan University - On the Go-Casts

Legal Information

Copyright Notice

All graphics, photographs, audio, video and text appearing on the Rowan University home page and subsequent web pages are protected by copyright. Redistribution or commercial use is prohibited without express written consent.

For more information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and how it applies to those at Rowan, please visit:

For more information about the U.S. Copyright Law, please visit:

Logos, Licensed University Marks & Photography

Logos and graphics relating to the University are registered and are subject to licensing agreements.

University trademarks (Rowan name, stylized torch art, Prof mascot and all logotype) must be used properly, complying with graphic standards and the licensing policy. The Prof mascot is the licensed trademark of Rowan Athletics programs and is restricted for use by Athletics and licensed vendors. (Licensing applies to all variations of the Prof identity.)

If you have questions about legal use of these items, see the Graphic Standards Policy or contact University Publications.

Websites - Official & Unofficial

The Rowan University Website is governed by the Rowan University Web Policy. Please forward all questions, comments and/or complaints/violations of said policy to or by calling 856.256.4410.

Additional related policies regarding computing at Rowan University can be found at:

Social Media & External Web Sites (including Google Maps)

Rowan University Web Services is responsible for overseeing any and all social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) accounts that directly use these services to communicate about the University, as well as any off-campus websites providing business critical information (such as Google Maps). All such accounts must be registered through Web Services and follow the guidelines set forth in the Social Media & External Web Site Policy. All locations/markers contained within the Google Maps system must be submitted through Web Services for inclusion on the map. This eliminates inaccuracies that could potentially cause problems when visitors try to navigate to the campuses using Google Maps via their computer and/or mobile device.


Responsibility for the content of unofficial (personal) webpages resides solely with the author(s). The views and opinions expressed on student and faculty personal pages are strictly the views and opinions of the authors and do not constitute the official sanction of Rowan University. The University will not impose any restraints on, nor make any effort to monitor the content of, communications other than those imposed by applicable Federal, State or local laws, including laws regarding the right to privacy and laws which prohibit defamatory material.

Rowan University can accept no responsibility for the content of personal web pages.

For more information send questions or comments to

University Web Services
Rowan University
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028