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Wireless Configuration Installers: Run this self-extracting program to automatically configure your Windows XP or Vista computer for Rowan's Secure Wireless Connection

Wireless Configuration Installer for Windows XP
Wireless Configuration Installer for Windows Vista

Wireless Configuration Instructions for Windows 7 and 8




Download the appropriate version of the software and double-click it to run.

The installer will automatically configure your computer to access the RowanWPA network.

Once the installer is finished. You will see the following pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. (If you are running this installer from off-campus, you will not see this pop-up until you are on campus and your computer connects to the wireless network)

Click on the pop-up and the following login box will appear


Enter your Rowan username and password and leave the Logon domain box BLANK.

Click "OK" and after a few moments you should be able to access the Rowan wireless network.



Windows 7 and 8 Wireless Configuration Instructions


Step 1: Click the Wireless icon in the tray

Step 2: Click RowanWPA

Step 3: Make sure 'Connect Automatically' is checked and click 'Connect'

Step 4:
Enter your Rowan username and password

Step 5: Click "Connect"

You are now connected to the wireless network.




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