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Biomedical Sciences

The RowanGSBS Difference

While our students have always benefited from a shared campus and faculty with Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM), our students can now take advantage of a formal linkage with RowanSOM! Any student in our Biomedical Sciences program who has earned a minimum of 18 credits in the program with an overall 3.60 GPA and a 500 MCAT score are guaranteed an interview with RowanSOM.

Linkage Student Outcomes:

  • 100% of linkage students are heading to or are already enrolled in a medical school. 
  • 92% of these students chose RowanSOM

Biomedical Science Program Options at a Glance

Biomedical Sciences Options Credits Average Length* Financial Aid Availability**
Masters of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) 30 3 semesters Yes
Certificate in Biomedical Sciences 18 2 semesters No

* Length of program depends on how many credits a student takes each semester.
**Financial Aid is available for students who apply and qualify.

Program Information

Master of Biomedical Sciences

Our Master of Biomedical Science (MBS) is an evening program that has been redesigned to provide a broader and stronger foundation for medical school and other health sciences. The new curriculum promotes integration of the various biomedical disciplines into a single graduate-level educational experience. It provides a broad background in biomedical science coursework while maintaining flexibility to meet the needs and interests of individual students and in doing so help students find meaningful careers in the biomedical sciences.

To earn the MBS degree, students must earn a minimum of 30-credits, 24-credits of required courses and 6-credits of elective coursework. It can be completed in 3 semesters, however, if a student is commuting or has other responsibilities like working, child care, parental care, etc. then completion of the program may be slightly longer to accomodate a slower pace of study.


  • Required Courses (24 credits):
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Biomedical Anatomy
    • Biomedical Data Analysis
    • Cell Biology
    • Human Genetics
    • Immunology
    • Microbiology
    • Systems Physiology
  • Elective Courses (6 credits):
    • Antimicrobial Drugs: Mechanisms of Action & Resistance
    • Cancer Chemotherapy
    • Essential Neuroscience
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Independent Study
    • Laboratory Research
    • Mechanisms of Disease
    • Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
    • Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System
    • Principles of Pharmacology
Certificate in the Biomedical Sciences

The Certificate in the Biomedical Sciences is earned when a student completes 18 credits. Fourteen credits must be from the list of required courses above, the remaining credits can be required or elective courses. Financial aid is not available to students who are enrolled in the certificate option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the minimum scores for acceptance to the program?
A: We do not have set minimum scores for admission to the MBS program. All complete applications are reviewed by our admissions committee. Each piece of the application is reviewed when making admissions decisions. Our incoming student average is a 3.19 GPA and 495 MCAT but these are not requirements to apply to the program.

Q: How long does it take to complete the biomedical sciences program?
A: The program is 30 credits and can be completed in 3 semesters. Time to degree largely depends upon the individual student. For example, those who have outside commitments such as work, parental/child care, are commuting, or who need to overcome significant undergraduate academic deficiencies, are encouraged to take fewer credits a semester and will therefore complete the program in a slightly longer time-frame.

Q: What if I get accepted to medical school before finishing my master's degree?
A: If you have earned 18-credits of required courses you can contact our office to transfer to the Certificate in the Biomedical Sciences and close your chapter with GSBS. If you have earned all 8 required courses and 1 elective (≥ 24 credits), you may be able to transfer 6 credits from medical school to earn the MBS degree.

Q: How do I decide if I should apply for the master's or certificate option?
A: The majority of our applicants apply to the MBS program to be most prepared for medical school or other professional schools. The admissions criteria is identical for both options, but students in the certificate program are not eligible for financial aid.