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The Master of Science in Histopathology (MHP) program is a rigorous, hands-on program designed to prepare students for careers in clinical and biomedical research laboratories. This program is a five semester program that can be completed in as little as 21-months. Students receive over 300 hours of hands-on training with expert instructors in basic molecular biology, histology, and animal research techniques. In addition, our students also complete over 150 hours of training in clinical or research laboratory internships at our affiliate sites.

Graduates of this program are:
  • Capable of working in clinical histology laboratories processing patient tissue samples for pathologists or in an academic or private research laboratory processing patient and animal samples for molecular, histological, and biochemical analyses.
  • Skilled at performing routine and advanced techniques utilizing rodent models of disease effectively and ethically.
  • Well-prepared for the Histotechnologist (HTL) certification exam offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Most graduates are capable of achieving this valuable certification within one year of graduation.
  • Well-prepared to enter a doctoral, medical, dental or veterinary program, should they choose to continue their education.

This is a rigorous, hands-on program, with focused learning involving both Program Directors, Dr. Renee M. Demarest and Dr. Catherine L. Neary.

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Who Should Apply?

Students who are eager for a program with a hands-on experience using in vivo models and primary tissue to prepare students for a career in pre-clinical research.

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Curriculum Information

  • Foundational Course Requirements:
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Cell Biology
    • Systems Physiology
  • Practical Course Requirements:
    • Responsible Conduct in Research training
    • Basic Laboratory Techniques - Biology
    • Histology II: Histotechniques
    • Basic and Advanced Laboratory Animal Techniques
  • Additional Required Coursework:
    • Histology I: Basic Tissue Types
    • Histology III: Organ Systems
    • Mechanisms of Disease
    • Topics in Pathology
    • Histopathology Internship (Fall & Spring terms)

Histopathology Graduate Student Outcomes

Additional Information

Don't forget to review our Admissions Requirements. You can browse this section for curriculum charts, course catalog and schedules.

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