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Cell and Molecular Biology (MS)

The MS in Cell and Molecular Biology is designed to provide a rigorous base of knowledge in basic biomedical sciences with emphasis on fundamental principles of cell and molecular biology and practical problem solving skills. Students are required to engage in fundamental research in cell and molecular biology and to prepare a research-based dissertation to complete the degree requirements.

Who Should Apply?

Students who have a strong interest in research and would like to conduct research in a lab or are interested in applying for a PhD degree.

Curriculum Information

  • Core Course Requirements:
    • Graduate Biochemistry
    • Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • Skill Courses:
    • Experimental Design
    • Scientific Writing and Hypothesis-Driven Research
    • Critical Readings in Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Quantitative Methods
  • Focus Courses (must earn 2):
    • Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Neuroanatomy or Cell Culture & Stem Cells (Fall 2nd year)
    • Neurophysiology, Biomolecular Interactions, Graduate Genetics or Neuropharmacology & Behavior (Spring 2nd year)
  • Additional Required Courses:
    • Responsible Conduct in Research training
    • Laboratory Rotations
    • Thesis Research/M.S.

MSCMB Graduate Student Outcomes

Additional Information

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