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Registration Adjustments (Add/Drop/Withdrawal) Policy



By registering for a GSBS course, a student commits to completing all course requirements. A student will not be automatically dropped or withdrawn from a course for not completing course requirements, for not attending classes, or for non-payment. The student is financially and academically responsible for all courses for which they are registered.

However, after the pre-semester course registration period, a student may need to adjust their course registration. Such registration adjustments include adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course, or complete withdrawal from all courses. The policies and procedures for each of these options are described below.

A student is strongly advised to speak with the Program Director and the Financial Aid office before deciding to add, drop, or withdraw to determine how the change would affect the student’s academic status and financial liability.


For current Drop/Add and Withdrawal deadlines, see the GSBS Academic Calendar. These are the only deadlines used by the GSBS office for processing registration adjustments. Any description of timelines below are for explanation purposes only, please refer to the academic calendar if you are unsure.


Adding or Dropping a course means the course will be added to or removed from the student’s transcript permanently. The course must be added or dropped by the published deadline on the GSBS academic calendar, typically the first 10 days of the semester, by the processes indicated below. If a course is dropped by this deadline, the tuition and fees associated with the course are cancelled. If a course is added, tuition and fees associated with that course are added to the student’s account, and would need to be paid by the appropriate deadlines.

Early Add/Drop period:
From the time Registration opens, up to and including 5 days after the start of the semester, students may add or drop a course through Rowan Self-Service (

Late Add/Drop period:
Adds or Drops cannot be performed online in Rowan Self-Service after 5 days from the start of the semester. To add or drop a course between 5 and 10 days after the start of the semester, the student must complete the Registration Adjustments form and submit to the GSBS office. Adding a course after 2 class sessions have met requires approval of the Course Director. No add or drop requests will be made after 10 days from the start of the semester; after 10 days, a student choosing to leave a course must withdraw from it (see below).


A course cannot dropped after 10 days into the semester. To leave a course after that deadline, the student must withdraw by completing a Registration Adjustments form. A student cannot withdraw from a course after 3/4 of the semester has passed (see the GSBS Academic Calendar for published deadline). After a withdrawal, the course remains on the student’s transcript with a “W” grade, which does not impact the GPA. The student is still responsible for all associated tuition and fees for the course they withdraw from, and withdrawing may impact the student’s financial aid. Withdrawals count toward the number of times a course may be repeated (retaken). Credits from withdrawn courses count in the student's Attempted hours for the term, but not the Earned hours, meaning that the credits do not apply toward program completion, but they do count for Full-Time enrollment status for the current term.

Complete withdrawal and Leave-of-Absence

If a student needs to leave the program entirely during the semester, they must withdraw from all courses using the Registration Adjustments form. If they intend to return, they may apply for a Leave-of-Absence. The policies described above for single-course withdrawals apply to complete withdrawals as well.