International Studies

International Studies

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International Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare you for careers in an increasingly global world. As an International Studies major, you will undertake a rigorous program of study--international politics, economics, geography, languages, history, and cultures--to analyze major issues facing the world community and understand your own society in a broader context. You will also learn how to apply interdisciplinary approaches to global problems and issues and acquire transferable skills in communication, collection and analysis of data, and research. Specializations are available in

  • International Business and Economics
  • Global and Comparative Perspectives
  • Middle East and African Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • European and Russian Studies
  • Latin American and Iberian Studies

International Studies majors will be well-positioned to build careers within a wide range of companies, foundations, and governmental organizations that require an in-depth knowledge of international issues or to continue on to graduate programs in a variety of fields.

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Cultural Geography
Earth, People, And The Environment
Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
Religions Of The World
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