Writing Arts

Writing Arts

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Write here, write now!

Studying writing arts increases your understanding of the multiple facets of written communication. Through a variety of courses and learning experiences in creative, academic, new media and applied writing, you will learn to become flexible, adaptable writer, ready to bring advanced writing, reading and critical thinking skills to the workplace.

Our multiple programs include:

  • 34-credit major, which can also serve as a dual major for Elementary or Early Childhood Education
  • 22-credit minor
  • 22-credit Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science option
  • An accelerated, five-year BA in Writing Arts/MA in Writing. Applications accepted for entering freshmen or juniors.

You will choose a specialization in either Creative Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, or New Media Writing and Publishing. As one of the few independent writing departments in the U.S., Writing Arts is uniquely positioned to help you learn to communicate effectively within our dynamic culture. As the only department in the country with the name Writing Arts, our name reflects our uniqueness.

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