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If you are interested in physics or astronomy, Rowan's Department of Physics & Astronomy offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in physics and provides a concentration in astronomy. As part of the program, you may perform research with faculty in a variety of areas, including materials physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, biomedical physics, astronomy and planetary science. Your studies may take you into specialized physics facilities such as the magnetics lab, physical properties lab, thin film fabrication lab, microscopy lab, ultrafast spectroscopy lab, laser cooling lab, computational physics lab or astrophysics & planetary science research lab.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Physics will prepare you for graduate studies in physics, astronomy or a host of engineering programs. If you want, you will also be ready to move directly into a technical career. The Bachelor of Arts degree is good preparation for technically-oriented careers, post-bac studies, or a career in high school education.

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Modern Physics
Analytical Mechanics
Radiation Physics
Optics And Light
Quantum Mechanics II